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MON-FRI - Sept 14-18, 2020 at ONLINE

1.0 Philosophy

2.0 Neuroscience

3.0 Cognitive Science & Psychology

4.0 Physical & Biological Sciences

5.0 Experiential Approaches

6.0 Culture, Humanities, IT 


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Linda Backman, The Role of Hypnotic Regression In Understanding Human Evolution and Consciousness [248]

Alok Bajpai, Maya is Reality and Brain Creates It [1]

Martin Baranowski, Contours of Consciousness: A Graphical Approach to Modeling the Operational Domain of Subjective Experience [18]

Johanna Bassols, The Orientation of Experience, A Bridge Between Consciousness and Perception [91]

Suraya Behbudi, Evaluation of Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Headache Indices in Migraine Patients During Conventional Therapies Under Influence of Consciousness Fields [255]

Julie Beischel, Correlating Mediums' Accuracy under Quintuple-blind Conditions with their Sensory Modality Preferences [175]

Jesse Bettinger, Orch-OR In A Process/Event Ontology [29]

Martha Birkett, Brain Stimulation Through Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing [151]

Alethea Black, The Relationship Between Time, the Pineal Gland, DMT and Human Health [256]

Gary Blaise, Inter-Spacial Abstraction - an idea which begins with quantized space and a question: "If space comes in bits . . . what's between the bits"? [60]

Richard Blum, The Existence Framework: Existence as the Carrier of Consciousness and a Fundamental Element of the Universe [19]

David Borsos, Cosmic Fire Studies: An Academic Approach to the Esoteric Philosophy of Alice A. Bailey [233]

Mark Brooks, A Different Perspective on Dimensions and Time [217]

Stephen Burwood, Despite of Space: Digital Immortality and the Cartesian Body [270]

Luis Javier Camargo Perez, Many Worlds - One Mind: Quantum Neural Networks Hypercomputation As An Explanation of Consciousness Driven Wavefunction Collapse. [203]

Estelle Campenni, The Effects of Medium and Instruction on State Mindfulness, Affect and State Anxiety While Completing Mandalas [277]

Xiangqun Chen, Do We Need to Reformulate the Mind-Body Problem as a World-Brain Problem? Empirical Evidence and its Ontological Implications [73]

Olga Colbert, Inner Speech and Autobiographical Memory in Selected Literary Works [320]

Lisa Conboy, A Qualitative Investigation of the Beliefs and Internal Experiences of Mediums [271]

Thomas Cooper, The Terror of the Divine in Psychotherapy [299]

Cicero Cortel, Key Errors in the Philosophy of Mind Debate [30]

Lawrence (Loren) Costantini, Healing The Physical Body Through Meditation [257]

Stephen Cowen, Sparse Populations of Dopaminergic and Non-dopaminergic Neurons Regulate Downstream Dopamine Release in the Nucleus Accumbens [170]

Oren Cox, Transformative Experiences of People Diagnosed with Life-threatening Illness [318]

Jonathan Dorsey, What is the (Meta-) Problem of Consciousness? [61]

Don Dulchinos, Moore's Law and Bci: Toward a Better Toolkit for Mapping Consciousness [112]

Aida Elamrani-Raoult, Inputs, Outputs, Metamodels [81]

Johan Eriksson, A Reduced Level of Consciousness Primarily Affects Non-conscious Processes [131]

Gabriel Felley, Visualizing the Morphic Fields with the Yi Jing and Synchronicity [219]

Carl Flygt, Conversation, Consciousness and Evolution [32]

Michael Freitag, The Waveform of Consciousness [4]

Mark Friedman, The Choice-making Theory of Consciousness [250]

Robert Fuchs, The Pseudomorph Model: A fully operationalized quantum logic of the Human Consciousness Connectome [300]

Mauricio Garrido, Consciousness-based Frameworks for Particle Physics within the Vedas [210]

Jacob Gerber, The Theory of Oneness in Renewed Consciousness Research: A Quantitative Analysis of Personal Narratives to Study the Consistency of the Pure Experience and its Role in Shifting Global Consciousness [273]

Jamshid Ghajar, The Predictive Brain State: The Solution to the Impossibility of Being Conscious and Interacting in the Present; Or, how the Brain Interacts with Space/time. [221]

Andres Gomez Emilsson, Topological Segmentation: How Dynamic Stability Can Solve the Combination Problem for Panpsychism [56]

Danny A. J. Gomez-Ramirez, Towards an Experimental Science of Natural Consciousness [23]

Augusta Gooch, Emergence In The Time Of Covid-19 [236]

Rado Gorjup, How Evidence Based is "Evidence Based" Medicine? Implications for Future Directions in Neuropsychology and Neuroethics. [127]

James Gruhl, Contrary Physics of Consciousness Force [267]

Sandro Guerra, The Mirror Model [268]

Nirodha Gunadasa, The Conscious Notion of Time: Is there a Time without Consciousness; and, Is there a Consciousness without Time? [5]

Greger Hammarin, Electric Field Induced Structural Perturbations In Microtubules: Can We Stimulate and Detect Solitons? [243]

Taras Handziy, Consciousness Ejection Into a Parallel Universe: Crucial Factor in Achieving Time Travel and Anti-aging [281]

Nadeem Haque, A Novel Approach to the Quranic Concept of Consciousness [326]

Breno Hax, Overlapping Experiencers and Attention [33]

Joseph Heer, Beyond Belief: The Implications Of Transcendent Experience On Physical Models Of Reality [223]

Sara Hemati, Investigating the Practical Function of Creativity and Innovation to Improve Learning Quality Using Spiritual (inner) Intelligence via Consciousness Field [311]

David Hettinger, Cube Consciousness [65]

Richard Hilbert, The Discovery of Objective Consciousness as a Problem for Physics [7]

Greg Horne, Is Subjectivity a Field? [34]

Bonnie C. Ihme, Hindsight is 20/20 and self-knowledge is power. [192]

C Winifred Jackson, With Liberty and Justice For All: An Examination of the Ethical Duties of Consciousness [51]

Tom Janisse, Graphic Medicine as Physician Tool to Understand Their Patient's Experience of a Medical Condition [321]

Crystal Jewell, Examining the Neural and Cognitive Basis of the Mindfulness-Creativity Link: A Pilot Study [196]

Santosh Kaware, The Origin of Quantum Vibrations and the Role of Metaphysical Observer in the Operation of Microtubules in the Human Brain [139]

Bahareh Kazazi, Influence of the Consciousness Field on the Cement Properties and Behavior [269]

Asger Kirkeby-Hinrup, Theories of Consciousness, Philosophical Replication and Inferring to the Best Explanation on the Bases of Empirical Support [75]

Brad Klausen, Examples of Neural Anatomy Found Throughout Art History and How it Relates to Consciousness [103]

Matsuda Koji, This World is a Virtual Reality [317]

Naama Kostiner, Jolted By Light - Nurturing the Positive Effects of Inspiration on our Brains [197]

Ewelina Kotowska, Expansion of Consciousness and the Reinterpretation of Healing in Psychotherapy [296]

Elizabeth Krasnoff, Sound, Consciousness and Healing: The Science of Vibration [121]

Forrest Landry, The Hard Problem [67]

Steen Loeth, Life and Consciousness Beyond Death - The X-Structure; The Nature of Life and Immortality [38]

Deepak Loomba, Discovery and Distinction of Awareness, Consciousness and Cumconsciousness [8]

Viljo Martikainen, Towards the Theory of Consciousness Through Concepts and Their Situation Relevancy [41]

Pooya Mazloomi, Scheme of Consciousness, A Hypothetical Structure of Conscious Perception [9]

Dan McAran, Looking Beyond the Limits of Physics [204]

Pru Mendez, Layered Ternary Harmony Story (LTHS) 1.1, a Universal Operating System [239]

Elena Menshikova, Metaphor - Volatile Quantum of Meaning or Formula of Structuredness of Consciousness [183]

Arthur Mitchell, Entheogenic Elders: How the Psychedelic Renaissance and Conscious Activism can Transform our Stories of Personal Aging, Collective Well-being and Planetary Healing [181]

Jennifer Montjoy, Inducing Non-ordinary States of Consciousness in Psychiatry: Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy [293]

Mehrnaz Monzavi, Several Physical Systems and Phenomena Comply with Mohammad Ali Taheri's Theory of the Mono-form Universe [313]

Richard Morley, Exploring the Relationship Between Mindful Consciousness States, Unconscious Race-related Biases and Unjustified Deadly Force. [283]

Colin Morrison, PSI-psychism Predicts A God: But Is There Evidence? [328]

Yoshio Nakamura, Towards Empirically-Oriented Investigation of Non-Dual Awareness [284]

George Naratadam, A Firsthand Report of An Individual's Experience Participating in a Traditional Costa Rican Ayahuasca Ceremony [294]

Sky Nelson-Isaacs, A New Physics of The Matrix: The World as a Holographic Simulation [226]

Jennifer Nielsen, It from Bit or Bit from It? Ontology of Mental Space via "quanglebit" [205]

James Olson, Sixteen Variations in Consciousness [76]

Patrick Palucki, An Emergentist Spiritual System [329]

Ami Parashar, An Integrated Approach To Increase Global Consciousness For System Sustainability And Better Worldliness, A Solution Against Global Perils. [275]

Arezoo Pedram Nia, The Examination of the Effect Consciousness Fields (in Fara-darmani and Psymentotherapy Methods) on Meaning of Life, Personality and God Perception for the Clients In Erfane-kamal Center in Tehran [330]

Kala Perkins, Consciousness, Ontology and Transmigration: Memories of Other Worlds [43]

Stephen Pollaine, Idealism, Dualism, Physicalism and Subjective Experience [77]

Balaji Raju, Soul Atom in the Mid-brain [69]

Amrit Andres Ramchandani Chugani, The role of consciousness as a method to control the accuracy of our actions in order to reduce the noise effect. [12]

Zahra Rasouli, Investigation of the Effectiveness of Consciousness Filed (in Psymentotherapy Method) on Women's Anxiety Reduction in Comparison with Behavior Therapy [201]

Alon Retter, Gravity And Consciousness As An Explanation Of Dark Matter And Dark Energy [235]

Michael Scott, Approaching the Hard Problem Through Affective Psychology and Proactive Approaches to Health [182]

Farid Semsarha, Investigation of the Brain Electromagnetic Behavior During Fara-darmani (fara-therapy) Connection in a Faratherapist Population [319]

Yury Serdyukov, Subjective Reality in the State of Clinical Death [303]

Jenny Simon, Are You Going To Kill Me or Feed Me? An Exploration of the Autonomic Nervous System and Polyvagal Theory [128]

John Small, Measuring Non-computability: Can we relate this to the 3 dimensions of space? [228]

David Smolker, Does the Stock Market Provide Indirect Evidence of the Scientific Validity of Orch OR [266]

Kancharla Sridattadev, Consciousness is GOD (Gravity Of Divinity), GOD is SOUL (Source Of Universal LIGHT) & Light Is Gravity's Hidden Torque = Light Is GOD's Holy Trait. [315]

John St Claire, Sound, Water, and Crystals: Revealing the Mystery of Consciousness [244]

John Strozier, Subjective Perspectivity, Intentionality, and Qualitative Character. Experience and Report. [72]

Jiayang Sun, Being and Truth A Phenomenal Interpretation Applied to Duns Scotus's Individual Theory [79]

Michael Swezey-Gleason, Introduction to the Black Hole Brain Conjecture: Testable Models Based on the Evolution of an Optimized Brain [229]

Aaron Tesch, Comparing Cognitive States Using Portable EEG [115]

N-B Therner, Consciousness Independent of the Physical Brain and How we Transform Objective Reality into Qualia - The X-Structure [48]

Candice Thomas, My Self, My Health: How Consciousness and Personality Impact Vitality [259]

Sara Torabi, Alleviative Effects of Fara-darmani Consciousness Field on Triticum aestivum L. under Salinity Stress [246]

Chandra Prakash Trivedi, Phonetic Consciousness DNA Instrument of Life [247]

Liliana Lorna Villanueva, 2020 The Great Revelation Is Love [316]

Ashley Willis, Two Perceptual Mechanisms - Vibrations in the Eye and Entities Over the Cortex (that offer a simplified mathematical model of connectome global brain dynamics) [94]

Rulin Xiu, Quantum Entanglement, Coincidence, Synchronicity and Law of Karma [216]


Guidelines for Video Prep 

Poster presenters are submitting 20 minute video presentations.

Please check the Speaker Guidelines for video preparation 

Deadline for videos:   August 15  

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