TSC Consciousness Reboot

Dates: September 14-18, 2020

Time: 7 am to midnight MST
ONLINE / Livestream + Virtual 

September 14-18, 2020  Consciousness REBOOT

Concurrent Sessions  -   Accepted Abstracts

We will upload Speakers' presentations. Speakers will be available for Q&A discussion. Exact times tba
TUES - C1-C8    TUES Sept 15, 2020 - 5:00 pm to 7:05 pm  MST
WED - C9-C16   WED Sept 16, 2020 - 5:00 pm to 7:05 pm  MST
FRI -  C17- C24  FRI Sept 17, 2020 - 5:00 pm to 7:05 pm    MST

CI - Concepts of Consciousness

o   Dis-illusioning Experience  William S. Robinson (Iowa State University, Ames, IA )  [11] - confirmed

o   Juxtaposing David Bohm's 'New Theory of the Relationship of Mind and Matter' and Russelian Monism In Order to Make Progress on the Problem of 'Direct Phenomenal Concepts'  Nikolaus Von Stillfried (Phenoscience Laboratories, Braunschweig, Germany)  [68] - confirmed

o   Panqualityism, Awareness and the Explanatory Gap  Jakub Mihalik (Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, United Kingdom)  [83].  confirmed

o   Integrated World Modeling Theory (IWMT): Combining Integrated Information and Global Workspace Theories with the Free Energy Principle and Active Inference Framework  Adam Safron (Indiana University, Bloomington, IN )  [60] - confirmed 

o   Philosophy of Time and Knowing: Kant and Hegel's Blueprint for Consciousness  Melanie Swan (Palo Alto, )  [9] confirmed 

o   An Explanation of Consciousness  Frank Heile Ph.D. (Santa Clara, CA )  [90]  confirmed

C 2 AI / Machine Consciousness 1

o   Robot Self-consciousness By Inner Speech and Mental Images Generation  Antonio Chella (Engineering, University of Palermo, Palermo, Italy)  [44]  confirmed

o   Selfhood and Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence  Daniel Montoya, Stephen Gill; Whitney Wall. (Psychology, Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, NC )  [48] confirmed

o   Refuting Algorithmic Consciousness: Why Mind Uploading and Conscious Computers are Impossible  Andrew Knight (New York, NY )  [47]  confirmed 

o   Intentional State Machines: An Information Theoretic Approach to Conscious Purpose  Martin Hilbert (DE Computational Social Science, Communication, GG Computer Science, University of California, Davis, CA )  [77]  confirmed 

xx - pending

C3 - Idealism, Panpsychism and Neutral Monism

o  Idealism and Space-time: Relativistic Constraints on the Interface Between Mind and Physical Construct Within Mental Monism  Peter Lloyd (School of Computing, University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom)  [82]  confirmed

o   Jamesian Neutral Monism: All of the Perks of Panpsychism with None of the Headaches  Michael Silberstein (Philosophy, Elizabethtown College, Lancaster, PA )  [84] confirmed

o   A Presence Based Neutral Monism  William Seager (Philosophy, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario Canada)  [41] PENDING

o   Consciousness As Sampling of an Information-Dense Environment  Craig DeLancey (Philosophy, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY )  [85] confirmed

o   How In The Penrose-Hameroff Paradigm The Forms of Space-time Curvatures Can Be Connected With The Eternal Platonic Ideas Or Forms In The Qualia Of Our Experiences And Choices  Gerard Blommestijn (Amstelveen, Netherlands)  [239]  confirmed

o   Karmic Space-time In Consciousness  Kao-Cheng Huang (Dharma Academy, Miaoli, Taiwan)  [292] confirmed

C4 Ketamine and Neural Correlates of Consciousness (NCC)

o   Modularity Allows Classification of Human Brain Networks During Music and Speech Perception  Melia Bonomo, Christof Karmonik, Houston Methodist Research Institute / Weill Cornell Medical College; Anthony Brandt, Rice University; J Todd Frazier, Houston Methodist Hospital (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rice University, Houston, TX )  [128] confirmed 

o   The hierarchy system of functional human brain revealed by intracranial electroencephalography.  Dongju Yang, Aihua Liu, Tao Yu, Yuping Wang. (this work has not been published yet, Beijing, China)  [131]  confirmed 

o   Gamma Synchrony, Ketamine and the Shaping of Consciousness  Scott Shannon (Psychiatry, University of Colorado, Fort Collins, CO )  [97]  confirmed

o   Analgesic Effects of Ketamine Versus Its Novel Analogue, SN35210: Insights from Tail-flick Responses and Brain Activation in Rats  Mitchell Head , Anica Klockars; Pawel K. Olszewski; Logan J. Voss; Jamie W. Sleigh; Martyn G. Harvey (Science and Engineering, University of Waikato, Hamilton, Waikato New Zealand)  [118]  confirmed

o   Topological Analysis of the Differential Effects of Ketamine and Propofol on Brain Dynamics  Thomas Varley, Dr. Olaf Sporns, Dr. Alice Patania (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN )  [214]  confirmed

o   A Unifying Theory of Consciousness Involving Psychoactive Molecules as Informational Signaling Mechanisms    Rajnish Khanna (I-Cultiver, Inc., San Francisco, CA )  [212]  confirmed

C5 Awareness / Dreaming

The Role of Imagination in Teaching Philosophy and the Philosophy of Consciousness  Maria Kasmirli (Honorary Research Fellow, The University of Sheffield, UK, Sheffield UK and Heraklion, Cr, Cyprus)  [87]  confirmed

o   Child as Alter: Re-understanding Children, Self and Experience Within a Consciousness-first Ontology  Donna Thomas (Health and Wellbeing, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire United Kingdom)  [72]  confirmed

o   Awareness of Implicit Priming of Self-disclosure  Thomas Wilson (Psychology, De Montfort University, Leicester, Leicestershire United Kingdom)  [162]  confirmed 

o   Intentionality and The Self: Relationship Between Libet's Timing of Intent and Experience of The Self  Sara Lomayesva , Liang, Mingli; Horkey, Steven; Gaffney, Hannah; Isham, Eve (Psychology, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ )  [172]  confirmed

o   The Field of Consciousness as a Network of Relationships: Support for Idealism from Theoretical Linguistics  Sydney Lamb (Linguistics, Rice University, Houston, TX )  [175]  confirmed

o   New evidence for precognition through dreams  Paul Kalas (Astronomy, University of California, Berkeley, CA )  [202]  confirmed

C6: Time and Consciousness

o  xx -  pending

o   Nested Observer Windows (NOW): A Theory of Scale-free Cognition  Justin Riddle , Shawn Irgen-Gioro; Jonathan Schooler (Psychiatry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carrboro, NC )  [129]   confirmed

o   A New Approach to 'Becoming Time'  Jeff Tollaksen, Prof. Gurucharan Khalsa (Physics, Institute for Quantum Studies, Chapman University, Laguna Beach, CA )  [186]  PENDING

o   It's About Time  Francoise Tibika (The Institute Of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel)  [208]  confirmed

o   From Physical Time to a Dualistic Model of Human Time  Ronald Gruber, Carlos Montemayor; Richard A. Block (Clinical Assoc. Professor, Stanford University Medical Center; UCSF, Stanford, CA )  [201]  confirmed

o   Is Consciousness or Time Real? "It's About Time" - We were careful what we reify.  Stephen Deiss (Institute for Neural Computation, UC San Diego - INC/ISNL, La Jolla, CA )  [198]  confirmed

C7: Quantum Biology


o   Metabolic Energy, Cost of Information and Time Scales in Human Brain Dynamics: Can There Be Quantum Computation?  Jack A. Tuszynski (Physics; Oncology, University of Alberta - Politecnico di Torino, Edmonton AB, Edmonton/Alberta Canada)  [127]  PENDING

o   Indication of Quantum Mechanical Electron Transport in Human Substantia Nigra Tissue From Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy Analysis.  Chris Rourk (Dallas, TX )  [126]  confirmed

A New Model of Consciousness Based on Virtual Photons Generated from Phase Conjugation in the Brain  Glen Rein (Quantum-Biology Research, Rancho Santa Margari, CA )  [122]  confirmed

o   The Microtubule Cytoskeleton as a Direct On-pathway Target of Psychoactive Compounds  Travis Craddock (Psychology and Neuroscience, Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL )  [216]  confirmed

o   Exploring the Electrical Tunability of Tubulin and Microtubules  Aarat Kalra , Jack Tuszynski (University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta Canada)  [218]  PENDING 

C8: Medicine / Healing

o   Mindfulness Training Alters Neural Activity During Self-reflection: Treating Depression Symptomatology in Adults with Autism  Broc Pagni, Melissa Walsh, Emily Foldes, Ann Sebren, Maria Dixon, Leslie Baxter, Cory Riecken, Caleb Haynes, B. Blair Braden (Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ )  [95]   confirmed

o   Attention Without Thought & Being Fully Alive  Michael Kutch (Sierra Vista, AZ )  [138]  confirmed

o   Crispr Consciousness: Gene Splicing Your Bodymind for Health and Happiness  Mac Davis (Minicircle, Austin, TX)  [150]   confirmed 

o   Measuring Effects of Biofield Therapies in the Laboratory: A Pilot Study Focused on Pain Alleviation  Garret Yount, Helane Wahbeh; Dean Radin; Arnaud Delorme; Loren Carpenter; Kenneth Rachlin; Joyce Anastasia; Heather Mandell; Meredith Pierson; Sue Steele; Dee Merz; Steven Swanson; Aimee Chagnon (Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA )  [237]  confirmed

o   The Effect of Fara-darmani Consciousness Filed on the Survival and Death of Breast Cancer MCF7 Cells                Behrouz Radnassab, Mohammad Ali Taheri; Farid Semsarha; Majid Mahdavi; Laleh Amani; Zohreh Afsartala (Cosmointel Inc., Westlake Village, CA )  [235]  confirmed 

C9: Panpsychism / Cosmopsychism

o   A New (Jamesian) Panprotopsychism  Andrew Bailey (Philosophy, The University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario Canada)  [13]  confirmed

o   Panpsychism and the Physics of Consciousness: IIT, Orch-OR, and the Combination Problem  Ethan Makulec (Philosophy/Neuroscience, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa )  [33]  confirmed

o   On the Possibility of a Mereological Argument Panpsychism  Gregory Miller (Philosophy, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom)  [20]  PENDING

o   Realizing Consciousness Through the Model of Physiophenomenalism  Brian Archibald (Philosophy, San Diego State University, La Jolla, CA )  [52]     confirmed

o   Is Consciousness a "Field"?  Eric Sabin (Marana, AZ )  [21] confirmed

o   Dynamic Selves: An Outline for a New Type of Panpsychism  Nino Kadic (Philosophy, King's College London, London, United Kingdom)  [19]  confirmed

o   Ads/cft Duality and the Meta-challenge  Uziel Awret (Physics, Trinity Washington University, Falls Church, VA )  [187]   confirmed

C10: Hard Problem

o   Revisiting Consciousness Within Quantum Mechanics: Executing Free Will Via Vectorial Choices in the Clustered-Minds Multiverse  Christian Dietmar Schade (Entrepreneurial and Behavioral Decision Making, Humboldt-Universitaet Berlin, Germany)  [8]  confirmed

o   Illusionism as Underappreciated Risk of AI? - Does AI Lure People to Illusionism and Undermine Altruism and Society?  Florian Habermacher (Department of Economics, University of St. Gallen, Zurich, Switzerland)  [56]  confirmed

o   Pain in fish and molluscs - why the multiple realisability argument fails  Brian Key, Deborah Brown (School of Biomedical Sciences, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland Australia)  [57]    confirmed

o   Stumped by the Hard Problem? First Things First: An Introduction To Deacon's Teleodynamic Explanation for Unconscious Effort - The Struggle for Existence.  Jeremy Sherman (Teleodynamics Research Associates, Berkeley, CA )  [61]   confirmed

o   Making Sense of Hallucination: Degrees of Veridicality in Perceptual Experience  Link Swanson (Center for Cognitive Sciences, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN )  [80]  confirmed

o   Modeling Strawson's Thin Subjects Using Category Theory  Anand Rangarajan (Computer/Information Science, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL )  [194]  confirmed

C11: AI / Machine Consciousness 2

o   Artificial Intelligence and Metaphysical Limitations with Implications for the Nature of the Self and the Phenomenal Consciousness  Mihretu Guta (Philosophy, Biola University, Azusa Pacific University and Addis Ababa University, La Mirada, CA )  [45]   confirmed

o   Inner Monologue Through Self-attention  Andrzej Banburski, Fernanda De La Torre, Tomaso Poggio (Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT, Cambridge, MA )  [167]   PENDING

o   Attention and Mind-wandering In Skilled Behavior: An Argument for Pluralism  Alex Dayer, Carolyn Dicey Jennings (Cognitive and Information Sciences, UC Merced, Merced, CA )  [156] confirmed

o   Grapheme-color Synesthesia and Word Search Performance: Implications for Group Studies of Synesthetes        Mathew Gendle, Johanna M. Hilpuesch; Madison P. Riley (Psychology, Elon University, Elon, NC )  [154]  confirmed

o   Interaction Between Quantum Mechanics And General Relativity Might Lead To Non-computable Processing In The Brain.  James Tagg (Cengine; The Penrose Institute, La Jolla, United Kingdom)  [185]  PENDING 

C12: Ontology of Consciousness 1

o   Plato's Golden Numbering System: Biometric Anomalies, Abduction and the Ontological Roots of Consciousness    Scott Olsen (Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Central Florida, Ocala, FL )  [70]    confirmed

o   There is No Free Will, Only Will to Freedom  An Chin Chen , Allen Houng (Institute Of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, National Yang Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan)  [73]  confirmed 

o   Wild Systems Theory as a 21st Century Coherence Ontology for the Science of Consciousness  J. Scott Jordan (Psychology, Illinois State University, Normal, IL )  [29]  confirmed

o   Epigenetics Control Health and Disease and Consciousness Influence Epigenetics  Ingrid Fredriksson (Arjang, Sweden)  [147]   PENDING

o   A Comprehensive New Paradigm for Consciousness: From Sensations of the External World to Neural Correlates, Whole-brain Coherence and the Whole Cosmos  James Beichler (ASCSI, Belpre, OH )  [210] confirmed

C13: Quantum Brain Theories

o   Q-deformed Physics and Effective Psychophysics  Donald Matthew Mender (Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine, Rhinebeck, NY )  [241]   confirmed

o   Defining Orch: Dodecanion geometric algebra and space-time-topology-prime metric  Anirban Bandyopadhyay,          Jay Sanguinetti, Pushpendra Singh, Pathik Sahoo, Stuart Hameroff, (Advanced Scanning Probe Micros, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Japan)  [188]    confirmed

o   Anticipatory collective human behavior: Path-seeking of pedestrians through a crowd  Hisashi Murakami, Claudio Feliciani; Yuta Nishiyama; Katsuhiro Nishinari (The University of Tokyo, Kobe, Japan)  [213]  confirmed

o   Memory Formations in Non-equilibrium Quantum Brain Dynamics  Akihiro Nishiyama , Shigenori Tanaka; Jack A. Tuszynski (Graduate School of System Informatics, Kobe University, Kobe, Hyogo Japan)  [193]   confirmed

o   False-positives in the Radin Double-slit Experiment on the Psycho-physical Effects of Observer Consciousness            Jan Walleczek, Von Stillfried, Nikolaus (Phenoscience Laboratories, Berlin, Berlin, Germany)  [276]   confirmed

C14: The Neural Correlates of Consciousness 2

o   Emotions: Bodily Feelings or Evaluative Perception?  Steven Gubka (Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX )  [86]   confirmed

o   Criticality as a Determinant of Integrated Information - In Human Brain Networks  Hyoungkyu Kim, Uncheol Lee (Anesthesiology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI )  [120]   confirmed

o   The effects of traumatic experience on behavior, neuronal activity, and functional connections in the conscious mouse brain resting state networks  Ksenia Toropova, Olga Ivashkina, Anna Ivanova, Elena Konovalova, Aleksey Ivanitsky, Konstantin Anokhin (Lomonosov Moscow State University; Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neur, Moscow, Russian Federation)  [130]  PENDING

o   A Big-data Study of Well-being and its EEG Correlates  Cedric Cannard , Helane Wahbeh, Arnaud Delorme (Research, Institute of Noetic Sciences; Paul Sabatier University, San Francisco, CA )  [132]    confirmed

o   EEG and Functional MRI-guided Simultaneous Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in a Patient with Minimally Conscious State  Yicong Lin, Tiaotiao Liu, Qian Huang, Yingying Su, Weibi Chen, Daiquan Gao, Xin Tian, Taicheng Huang, Zonglei Zhen, Tao Han, Hong Ye, Yuping Wang (Neurology, Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China)  [135]    confirmed

o   Consciousness and Good and Evil  Fredric Schiffer (Department of Psychiatry, McLe, Harvard Medical School, Newton Highlands, MA )  [231]  confirmed

C15: Evolution and Consciousness

o   Pavlov's Plants? Not So Fast.  Kasey Markel (Plant Biology, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA )  [168]  confirmed

o   Bolder and Better, But Not Simpler: Protein interaction hypotheses for evolution of consciousness  James Beran (Montara, CA )  [226]    confirmed

o  xx - PENDING 

o   Quantum Evolution Caught in Action: Why and How Specific Adaptations of Major Plant Divisions are Similar to Chordata Vertebrata Classes Adaptations  Paraskevi Papadopoulou (Science and Mathematics, Deree - The American College of Greece, Athens, Attica Greece)  [230]  confirmed

o   Panspermia and Consciousness  Daniel Beal (Psychiatry, Palo Alto VAHCS, Scotts Valley, CA )  [209]  confirmed

C16: Psychedelics, therapy and mystical experiences

o   Benefits of Mindful Metaphor in Connection with Preparation for Psychedelic Sessions  Rosemary Flickinger (Independent Researcher JHU, Baltimore, MD )  [139]  confirmed

o   The Mystic in the Machine: An Interpretation of Mystical Experience Through the Lens of Controls Engineering.  Jeffrey L. Beck (Paradigm Research LLC, Gunnison, UT )  [277]  confirmed

o   "As Raw As It Can Be, Like Vulnerable and Unapologetic": A Qualitative Study of Mystical Experience in Ordinary Life  Kimberly McCann, Mendi David, EdD (College of Doctoral Studies, Grand Canyon University, Gilbert, AZ )  [264]    PENDING

o   "State of Surrender" Linked to Mystical Experience and Positive Response to Potentially Transformative Situations  Suzanne Russ, Geoff Maruyama; Thomas Sease (Psychology, University of Arizona - South Campus, Tucson, AZ )  [281] confirmed

o   Bewyldering ... The Entropic and Psychedelic Capacity (the Neural and Noetic Complexification Capacity) of Cognitive Pedagogical/Learning Regimes and Course Design in Higher-Ed.  Michael Landis (Liberal Arts, Manor College, Jenkintown, PA )  [299]  confirmed

C17: Ontology of Consciousness

o   Time is the Key to Physical Laws of Consciousness  John Sanfey (London, United Kingdom)  [39]   confirmed

o   Ontological Justice for Consciousness  Anton Kuznetsov (Moscow Center For Consciousness Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation)  [31]   confirmed

o   Developing a Robust Neutral Monism: A Conjunction of Neutral Monism and Information-theoretic Structural Realism  Garrett Mindt (University of Wisconsin - Madison, Department of Psychiatry, Tiny Blue Dot Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin )  [36]  confirmed

o   The Mind-object Identity Hypothesis  Riccardo Manzotti (IULM University, Lavagna, GE Italy)  [34]   confirmed

o   The Annotated Mind: Knowing Our Experiences the Instant They Occur  Roger Christan Schriner (Independent scholar, Fremont, California )  [40]   confirmed

o   From Biological Mechanism to Meaning  Mark Pharoah (London, United Kingdom)  [38]  confirmed

C18: The Neural Correlates of Consciousness 3

o   A Data-driven approach to measuring conscious and unconscious brain function  William J. Bosl (Pediatrics, University of San Francisco, Benicia, CA )  [100]   confirmed

o   Ultra-fast Monitoring of Neurotransmitter Micro-fluctuations During Choice and Subjective Experience in Humans  Kenneth Kishida (Department of Physiology and Pharmacology and Department of Neurosurgery, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC )  [102]  confirmed

o   The Neuroscience of Concepts and Consciousness  Vincent Zarcone Jr (Psychiatry, Stanford Medical School, Los Altos, CA )  [99]  confirmed

o   Neuronal Encoding of Awareness for Type and Place of Objects in Young and Old Mice    Konstantin Anokhin,             Olga Ivashkina; Ksenia Toropova; Anna Gruzdeva; Olga Rogozhnikova; Viktor Plusnin; Ilya Fedotov (Moscow State University, Cente, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation)  [112]  PENDING

o   Proprioceptive Feel as a Summation of Oscillatory Resonance  Mark Valladares (Overland Park, KS)  [111] confirmed

o   Alterations in Connectivity Patterns by Cognitive State and Mental Disorder Status May Suggest Different Neural Patterns of Consciousness  Isaac Christian, Michael Liuzzi, B.A.; Qiongru Yu, MA; Christopher S. Monk, Ph.D.; Jillian Lee Wiggins, Ph.D.; (Psychology, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA )  [113]  confirmed

C19: Anesthesia

o   Nonlinear Dynamics Analyses of EEG Signals Capture Brain States at Different Levels of Consciousness   Divya Chander, MD, PhD1*; Bruce MacIver, MSc PhD, Sarah L. Eagleman, PhD2; Christina Reynolds, PhD3,4; Nicholas T. Ouellette, PhD5 (Anesthesia, Stanford University, Stanford, CA )  [94]  confirmed

o   Cortical Connectivity Indexes Arousal State During Sleep and Anesthesia  Matthew I. Banks , Bryan M. Krause, Christopher M. Endemann, Declan I. Campbell, Hiroto Kawasaki, Kirill V. Nourski (Department of Anesthesiology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI )  [88]  confirmed

  "Neuronal dynamics in visual cortex under conscious and anesthetized conditions  Hensoo Lee (Anesthesiology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI) confirmed

o   Local Neuronal Connectivity Contributes to Loss and Return of Consciousness During Anesthesia  Anthony G. Hudetz (Anesthesiology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI )  [119]  confirmed

o   Nitrous Oxide Decreases Electroencephalogram Complexity, But Not Frequency Content at Loss of Consciousness         Sarah Eagleman, Teo Jeon Shin, M.D.,PhD (Seoul National University); M. Bruce MacIver, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Anesthesiology, Perioperative, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA )  [116]  confirmed

o   Changes In Information Processing In Propofol-induced Deep Sedation In Volunteers Using Electroencephalography       Teo Jeon Shin, Seongkeun Yoo; Pil-Jong Kim; Hong-Gee Kim (Dental Hospital - Yeon-Geon, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of)  [98]   confirmed

C20: Sleep / Dreaming / Attention

o   Dreaming in the Holo-net: Dreaming and Consciousness in a Holographic Universe  Katherine Mohr (Hunlock Creek, PA )  [165]   confirmed

o   Objective Self-awareness and Predictive Coding: A Useful Theoretical Framework for Understanding the Role of Consciousness in Violent Behavior  Logan Trujillo, Richard H. Morley (Psychology, Texas State University, San Marcos,  TX )  [171]   confirmed

o   Consciousness and Culture in the Imaginal World  Burton Voorhees (Center for Science, Athabasca University, Victoria, BC Canada)  [161]  confirmed

o   Resurrecting Morpheus: Healing the Silent Epidemic of Dream Loss  Rubin Naiman (Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, Tumacacori, AZ )  [166]   confirmed 

o   What is a Difference Between Disownership Feeling and Loss of Ownership Feeling Over One's Own Body?                Yuta Nishiyama, Chihiro Yamashita; Wataru Hasegawa (Department of Information and Management Systems Science, Nagaoka University of Technology, Niigata, Japan)  [170]   confirmed

o   Lucid Dreaming Allows Voluntary Perception During REM Sleep: I. Background and Behavioral Evidence  Stephen LaBerge, Benjamin Baird (Lucidity, Tucson, AZ )  [268]   PENDING

C21: Education / Psychoanalysis

o   Validating Participant's Skill in Apprehending Inner Experience Using Descriptive Experience Sampling: Do Participants Become More Skilled Over Time?  Cody Kaneshiro, Alek E. Krumm; Russell T. Hurlburt (University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Henderson, NV )  [178]  confirmed

o   Quantifying the Stream of Consciousness: An Empirical Investigation into the Emergence and Dynamics of Thought  Quentin Raffaelli, Nadia-Anais De Stefano; Sylvia Zarnescu; Rudolph Malusa; Rohith Boyilla; Zain Majeed; Ramsey Wilcox; Matthias Mehl; Mary-Frances O'Connor; Jessica Andrews-Hanna (University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ )  [151]   confirmed

o   Can School Become Therapeutic?  Fatima Alaoui (Casablanca, Morocco)  [265]   confirmed

o   The Social Dimension of Phenomenal Consciousness: What the Economy of Attention Reveals About the Reality and Effectiveness of the "How It feels" Type of Self-awareness  Georg Franck (Digital Methods in Architecture, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria)  [248]   confirmed

o   Psychophysiological Effects of Increasing Awareness of Nondual Consciousness and the Natural State in Young Adults with Depression And Anxiety  Milena Braticevic (Integral Health, California Institute for Human Science, Toronto, ON Canada)  [262]   confirmed

C22: Experiential / Mysticism / Meditation

o   Towards a Computational Neuroscience of Meditation and Self Awareness  Lars Sandved Smith, Antoine Lutz; Jeremie Mattout; Maxwell Ramstead; Karl Friston; Mark Miller; (UCL Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging,  Thiverval, France)  [148]   PENDING

o  Physiological and Subjective Correlates of Three Types of Body-focused Meditation: A Pilot Study  Dianne Trussell (Byron Bay, NSW Australia)  [248] Confirmed

o   From Fundamental Forces to Fundamental Meanings: Life, Consciousness and Morality  Daniela Munoz-Jimenez,  Luis J. Camargo-Perez (Theoretical Research and Philosophy, Center of Frontier Research and Philosophy, Ciudad de Mexico, D.F. Mexico)  [222]  PENDING

o   A Neural Marker for Training Focused Attention Meditation: Closed-loop FM Neurofeedback  Tracy Brandmeyer, Arnaud Delorme (University of California San Francisco, Berkeley, California )  [251]   PENDING

o   Mystical Experiences and Epistemic Justification  Noa Latham (Philosophy, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta Canada)  [279]   PENDING

o   Consciousness and Music Festivals: Increasing the Effect Sizes of Psychophysical Interactions  Dani Caputi, Leo Madrid; Nathan Bietz; Andrew Ko; Stephen Pollaine (Atmospheric Science, P.e.a.c.e !nc., Davis, California )  [272]  confirmed

C23: Transpersonal / Parapsychology / Afterlife

o   Artificial Intelligence, the Nature of Consciousness, Information, Reality and the Possibility of the Afterlife   Scott Ventureyra (Independent Scholar, Ottawa, ON Canada)  [49]   confirmed

o   Intrinsic Neural-synchrony Between Related Pairs of Individuals: Evidence for Excess-correlation and Non-dual Sates of Connecting Consciousness  Mandy A. Scott  (Neuroscience Research Group, D, Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON Canada)  [104]  PENDING

o   Computer Automated, Multi-center, Multi-blinded, Randomized Control Trial of Hypothesized Spirit Presence and Communication  Gary Schwartz (Psychology, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ )  [275]     confirmed

o   An Integral Model of the Near-Death Experience: Neural and Quantum Mechanisms  James Lake (Salinas, CA )  [269]      confirmed

o   Accuracy and Neural Correlates of Blinded Mediumship Compared to Controls on Image Classification Task          Arnaud Delorme, Cedric Cannard; Dean Radin; Helaneh Wahbeh (Toulouse, France)  [273]   PENDING

o   Conversations With The Void: 112 Non-dual Tantric Meditation Hacks for Altering Your Consciousness and Experiencing The Void  Raja Choudhury (A Thousand Suns Academy LLC, Phoenix, AZ )  [253]    confirmed

C24: Visual / Literature / Media

o   A Brief History of Time Travel: Time Travel Narratives and Consciousness  Gisella Bustillos (Bellevue, WA)  [282]   confirmed

o   Hidden Technologies: A Complementary Approach to Ecosystem Management?  Stuart Moody (CAPS, Mindful Ambassadors, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ )  [306]   confirmed

o   Idealist Realism  Christopher Wittum (San Francisco, CA )  [289]  confirmed

o   Critical Organic Writing to Decode Oppression  Hilda Sotelo (Education, UTEP, El Paso, TX )  [300]   PENDING

o   Symbiosis of Real and Simulated Worlds Under Global Awareness and Consciousness  Peter Sapaty (Mathematical Machines & Systems, National Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine)  [297]    PENDING

o   Making Waves: Ripples of Consciousness in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein  Shoshannah Bryn Jones Square (English, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, BC Canada)  [288]  confirmed

C 25 Additional Abstracts 

o  Protoconsciousness/Energy and Matter  Dennis Balson (Taree, New South Wales Australia)  [2] 

o  Evolutionary Drivers of Phenomenological and Behavioural Diversity  Brad Buhr (Community Learning Centres, Northern Lakes College, Edson, Alberta Canada)  [70] 


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