TSC Consciousness Conference

Dates: September 14-18, 2020

Time: 7 am to midnight MST
ONLINE / Livestream + On-Demand



Concurrent Sessions - ABSTRACTS                            

Concurrent Sessions / Authors / Abstract Titles


C1: Concepts of Consciousness

Live Zoom discussion Tuesday September 15th, 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm  

Zoom Channel 1, Chair: William S. Robinson

William S. Robinson, Dis-illusioning Experience  (MODERATOR-ZOOM DISCUSSION)

Jakub Mihalik, Panqualityism, Awareness and the Explanatory Gap 

Adam Safron, Integrated World Modeling Theory (IWMT): Combining Integrated Information and Global Workspace Theories with the Free Energy Principle and Active Inference Framework 

Frank Heile Ph.D., An Explanation of Consciousness 

Nikolaus Von Stillfried, Juxtaposing David Bohm's 'New Theory of the Relationship of Mind and Matter' and Russelian Monism In Order to Make Progress on the Problem of 'Direct Phenomenal Concepts' 

C2: AI / Machine Consciousness 1

Live Zoom discussion Tuesday 15th, 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm           

Zoom Channel 1, Chair: Lenore Blum 

Antonio Chella, Robot Self-consciousness By Inner Speech and Mental Images Generation 

Andrew Knight, Refuting Algorithmic Consciousness: Why Mind Uploading and Conscious Computers are Impossible 

Lenore Blum, What Can Theoretical Computer Science Contribute to the Discussion of Consciousness? 

Daniel Montoya, Selfhood and Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence 

Steven Schkolne, The Attention Schema of Linux 

Mihretu Guta, Artificial Intelligence and Metaphysical Limitations with Implications for the Nature of the Self and the Phenomenal Consciousness 

Florian Habermacher, Illusionism as Underappreciated Risk of AI? - Does AI Lure People to Illusionism and Undermine Altruism and Society? 

C3: Idealism, Panpsychism and Neutral Monism

Live Zoom discussion Tuesday 15th, 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 1, Chair: Peter Lloyd

Peter Lloyd, Idealism and Space-time: Relativistic Constraints on the Interface Between Mind and Physical Construct Within Mental Monism 

Craig DeLancey, Consciousness as Sampling of an Information-Dense Environment 

Kao-Cheng Huang, Karmic Space-time In Consciousness 

Michael Silberstein, Jamesian Neutral Monism: All of the Perks of Panpsychism with None of the Headaches 

Gerard Blommestijn, How in the Penrose-Hameroff Paradigm the Forms of Space-time Curvatures Can be Connected with the Eternal Platonic Ideas or Forms in the Qualia of our Experiences and Choices 

Sydney Lamb, The Field of Consciousness as a Network of Relationships: Support for Idealism from Theoretical Linguistics 

Seymen Atasoy, Idealism in Consciousness Studies, Dominant Cultural Narratives, and Social Change 

C4: Neural Correlates of Consciousness 1

Live Zoom discussion Tuesday 15th, 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm           

Zoom Channel 2, Chair: Logan Trujillo 

Oleg Soloviov, Towards The General Brain Activity Theory (gbt): Seven Principles of Informational Activity of the Brain by Means of Phenomenon of Consciousness 

Melia Bonomo, Modularity Allows Classification of Human Brain Networks During Music and Speech Perception 

Gabriele Penazzi, Functional Brain Activity in Altered States of Consciousness Induced By Mechanical Stimulation of the Olfactory Epithelium 

Jessica Knoetzele, Do we perceive the world differently if we need to evaluate our percept? - an EEG study 

Logan Trujillo, Objective Self-awareness and Predictive Coding: A Useful Theoretical Framework for Understanding the Role of Consciousness in Violent Behavior 

Rajnish Khanna, A Unifying Theory of Consciousness Involving Psychoactive Molecules as Informational Signaling Mechanisms 

Dongju Yang, The hierarchy system of functional human brain revealed by intracranial electroencephalography. 

Yuta Nishiyama, What is a Difference Between Disownership Feeling and Loss of Ownership Feeling Over One's Own Body? 

C5: Ketamine and Consciousness

Live Zoom discussion Tuesday 15th, 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm           

Zoom Channel 2, Chair: Scott Shannon 

Mitchell Head, Analgesic Effects of Ketamine Versus Its Novel Analogue, SN35210: Insights from Tail-flick Responses and Brain Activation in Rats 

Jennifer Montjoy, Inducing Non-ordinary States of Consciousness in Psychiatry: Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy 

Thomas Varley, The Differential Effects of Propofol and Ketamine on Discrete State-Transition Dynamics in the Brain 

Scott Shannon, Gamma Synchrony, Ketamine and the Shaping of Consciousness 

Raquel Bennett, Paradigms of Ketamine Treatment: Biochemical, Psychological, and Psychedelic 

C6: Education

Live Zoom discussion Tuesday 15th, 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm           

Zoom Channel 3, Chair: Leslie Allan Combs 

Donna Thomas, Who am I? Exploring the nature of self, experience and reality with children 

Anton Sukhoverkhov, Social Memory and The Origin of Human Nature 

Scott Koshland, Application of the Principles of Learning Theory to the Organization and Development of Living Systems (life) and Consciousness. 

Cody Kaneshiro, Validating Participant's Skill in Apprehending Inner Experience Using Descriptive Experience Sampling: Do Participants Become More Skilled Over Time? 

Maria Kasmirli, The Role of Imagination in Teaching Philosophy and the Philosophy of Consciousness 

Fatima Alaoui, Can School Become Therapeutic? 

C7: Time and Consciousness

Live Zoom discussion Tuesday 15th, 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm           

Zoom Channel 3, Chair: Stephen Deiss 

Justin Riddle, Nested Observer Windows (NOW): A Theory of Scale-free Cognition  

Francoise Tibika, It's About Time  

John Sanfey, Time is the Key to Physical Laws of Consciousness  

Ronald Gruber, From Physical Time to a Dualistic Model of Human Time 

Stephen Deiss, Is Consciousness or Time Real? "It's About Time" - We were careful what we reify. 

Jürgen Kornmeier, Using the Perceptual Past to Predict the Perceptual Future Influences the Consciously Perceived Present - A Novel ERP Paradigm  

Joe Campbell, Libet Experiments & Free Will Denialism  

Jeff Tollaksen, A New Approach to 'Becoming Time' part 1  

Gurucharan Khalsa, A New Approach to Becoming Time, part 2  

C8: Quantum Biology

Live Zoom discussion Tuesday 15, 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm           

Zoom Channel 2, Chair: Aarat Kalra 

Chris Rourk, Indication of Quantum Mechanical Electron Transport in Human Substantia Nigra Tissue From Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy Analysis. 

Majid Beshkar, The Qbit Theory of Consciousness 

Glen Rein, A New Model of Consciousness Based on Virtual Photons Generated from Phase Conjugation in the Brain 

Gregory Scholes, Quantum effects in biology?

Daya Krishnananda, Probing the non-classicality of the biological system of NP corona using classical electrodynamic experiments in GHz range

Christoph Simon, Could quantum entanglement help explain consciousness?


C9: Medicine / Healing

Live Zoom discussion Wednesday Sept. 16th, 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm           

Zoom Channel 2, Chair: Garrett Yount

Broc Pagni, Mindfulness Training Alters Neural Activity During Self-reflection: Treating Depression Symptomatology in Adults with Autism  

Michael Kutch, Attention Without Thought & Being Fully Alive  

Mac Davis, Crispr Consciousness: Gene Splicing Your Bodymind for Health and Happiness  

Garret Yount, Measuring Effects of Biofield Therapies in the Laboratory: A Pilot Study Focused on Pain Alleviation  

Behrouz Radnassab, The Effect of Fara-darmani Consciousness Filed on the Survival and Death of Breast Cancer MCF7 Cells  

Ingrid Fredriksson, Epigenetics Control Health and Disease and Consciousness Influence Epigenetics  

Shantilal Goradia, The Implications of our Research on Alzheimer's/consciousness  

C10: Panpsychism

Live Zoom discussion Wednesday Sept. 16th, 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 1, Chair: Uzi Awret 

Nino Kadic, Dynamic Selves: An Outline for a New Type of Panpsychism 

Uziel Awret, Ads/cft Duality and the Meta-challenge  

Ethan Makulec, Panpsychism and the Physics of Consciousness: IIT, Orch-OR, and the Combination Problem  

Gregory Miller, On the Possibility of a Mereological Argument Panpsychism 

Brian Archibald, Realizing Consciousness Through the Model of Physiophenomenalism  

C11: Hard Problem

Live Zoom discussion Wednesday Sept. 16th, 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm           

Zoom Channel 1, Chair: Anand Rangarajan 

Brian Key, Pain in fish and molluscs - why the multiple realisability argument fails  

Paulo Negro, A Blueprint for the Hard Problem of Consciousness: The self is void and the mind its avatar  

Jeremy Sherman, Stumped by the Hard Problem? First Things First: An Introduction To Deacon's Teleodynamic Explanation for Unconscious Effort - The Struggle for Existence.  

Bryce Bearden, On the Referent of the Term "Phenomenal Consciousness"  

Carlos Acosta, Mind, Matter and Phenomenal Experience  

Eric Sabin, Is Consciousness a "Field"?  

Ben Meyer, The Lure of Consciousness  

Krzysztof Dolega, What Do Illusionists Mean When They Talk About "what-it-is-likeness" of Conscious Experience?  

Christian Dietmar Schade, Revisiting Consciousness Within Quantum Mechanics: Executing Free Will Via Vectorial Choices in the Clustered-Minds Multiverse 

Anand Rangarajan, Modeling Strawson's Thin Subjects Using Category Theory 

C12: Phenomenology and Consciousness

Live Zoom discussion Friday Sept 18th , 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm           

Zoom Channel 1, Chair: Alex Dayer 

Alex Dayer, Attention and Mind-wandering In Skilled Behavior: An Argument for Pluralism 

Quentin Raffaelli, Quantifying the Stream of Consciousness: An Empirical Investigation into the Emergence and Dynamics of Thought  

Milena Braticevic, Psychophysiological Effects of Increasing Awareness of Nondual Consciousness and the Natural State in Young Adults with Depression And Anxiety  

Jac O'Keeffe, How to Approach Phenomenal Consciousness 

Ian Kanair, States of Consciousness: Phenomenological Data and Biophysical Concurrences within Many Worlds Interpretations 

C13: Ontology of Consciousness 1

Live Zoom discussion Wednesday Sept. 16th, 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm           

Zoom Channel 2, Chair: Kristjan Loorits 

Kristjan Loorits, Phenomenality As A Perspectival Artefact  

Scott Olsen, Plato's Golden Numbering System: Biometric Anomalies, Abduction and the Ontological Roots of Consciousness  

An Chin Chen, There is No Free Will, Only Will to Freedom 

James Beichler, A Comprehensive New Paradigm for Consciousness: From Sensations of the External World to Neural Correlates, Whole-brain Coherence and the Whole Cosmos  

J. Scott Jordan, Wild Systems Theory as a 21st Century Coherence Ontology for the Science of Consciousness 

C14: Quantum Brain Theories

Live Zoom discussion Wednesday 16th, 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 2, Chair:  Donald Mender   

James Tagg, Interaction Between Quantum Mechanics And General Relativity Might Lead To Non-computable Processing In The Brain. 

Akihiro Nishiyama, Memory Formations in Non-equilibrium Quantum Brain Dynamics  

Donald Matthew Mender, Q-deformed Physics and Effective Psychophysics 

Thomas Brophy, A-theory: Toward a Quantum-physics-friendly Ontology of Free Will 

Anirban Bandyopadhyay, Defining Orch: Dodecanion geometric algebra and space-time-topology-prime metric  

Jan Walleczek, False-positives in the Radin Double-slit Experiment on the Psycho-physical Effects of Observer Consciousness  

C15: Neural Correlates of Consciousness 2

Live Zoom discussion Wednesday Sept. 16th, 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 3, Chair:  James Broadway

Hyoungkyu Kim, Criticality as a Determinant of Integrated Information - In Human Brain Networks  

Hisashi Murakami, Anticipatory collective human behavior: Path-seeking of pedestrians through a crowd 

Javier A. Galadi, Energy Landscape Of The Whole-brain Dynamics In Coma, Vegetative States, And Related Disorders  

Alexander Egoyan, Two Complementary Models of Human Perception: Two-dimensional Holographic and Three-dimensional Realistic and Relationship between Them 

Yicong Lin, EEG and Functional MRI-guided Simultaneous Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in a Patient with Minimally Conscious State  

Andrea de Paiva, Multisensory Experience Contributions to Unimodal Consciousness: The Importance of Architecture in the Discussion  

Cedric Cannard, A Big-data Study of Well-being and its EEG Correlates 

Ksenia Toropova, The effects of traumatic experience on behavior, neuronal activity, and functional connections in the conscious mouse brain resting state networks 

C16: Evolution and Consciousness

Live Zoom discussion Wednesday Sept.16th, 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 2, Chair: James Beran 

Kasey Markel, Pavlov's Plants? Not So Fast.  

James Beran, Bolder and Better, But Not Simpler: Protein interaction hypotheses for evolution of consciousness  

Paraskevi Papadopoulou, Quantum Evolution Caught in Action: Why and How Specific Adaptations of Major Plant Divisions are Similar to Chordata Vertebrata Classes Adaptations  

Daniel Beal, Panspermia and Consciousness  

C17: Psychedelics and Mystical Experiences

Live Zoom discussion Wednesday Sept. 16th, 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 3, Chair: Carl Johan Calleman 

Rosemary Flickinger, Benefits of Mindful Metaphor in Connection with Preparation for Psychedelic Sessions  

Jeffrey L. Beck, The Mystic in the Machine: An Interpretation of Mystical Experience Through the Lens of Controls Engineering.  

Kimberly McCann, "As Raw As It Can Be, Like Vulnerable and Unapologetic": A Qualitative Study of Mystical Experience in Ordinary Life  

Michael Landis, Bewyldering ... The Entropic and Psychedelic Capacity (the Neural and Noetic Complexification Capacity) of Cognitive Pedagogical/Learning Regimes and Course Design in Higher-Ed.  

Adele Lafrance, Family-based Psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapy: Innovations in Research and Practice  

Thomas Ray, Sex in the Time of Plague: Awakening Melatonin Into the Entourage  

Carl Johan Calleman, Introducing Macrocosmic Quantum Theory to Explain How Psychedelics Work 


C18: Ontology of Consciousness 2

Live Zoom discussion Friday Sept. 18th, 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 1,  Chair: Riccardo Manzotti 

Anton Kuznetsov, Ontological Justice for Consciousness  

Garrett Mindt, Developing a Robust Neutral Monism: A Conjunction of Neutral Monism and Information-theoretic Structural Realism  

Riccardo Manzotti, The Mind-object Identity Hypothesis 

Roger Christan Schriner, The Annotated Mind: Knowing Our Experiences the Instant They Occur 

Mark Pharoah, From Biological Mechanism to Meaning  

Adrienne Prettyman, The Philosophical Significance of Diffuse Attention  

David Murphy, Explanation and the Hypothesis of Extended Cognition: Scouting a Way Forward  

Luis Favela, Extended Cognition? Yes. Extended Consciousness? No.  

C19: Neural Correlates of Consciousness 3

Live Zoom discussion Friday Sept. 18th, 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 2, Chair:  TBA 

William Bosl, A Data-driven approach to measuring conscious and unconscious brain function  

Kenneth Kishida, Ultra-fast Monitoring of Neurotransmitter Micro-fluctuations During Choice and Subjective Experience in Humans  

Vincent Zarcone Jr, The Neuroscience of Concepts and Consciousness  

Konstantin Anokhin, Neuronal Encoding of Awareness for Type and Place of Objects in Young and Old Mice  

Mark Valladares, Proprioceptive Feel as a Summation of Oscillatory Resonance  

Isaac Christian, Alterations in Connectivity Patterns by Cognitive State and Mental Disorder Status May Suggest Different Neural Patterns of Consciousness 

Ewa Andrzejak, Brain On Fire: Mechanisms Of Autoimmune Encephalitis Presenting With Psychosis, Seizures And Altered Levels Of Consciousness 

Peter Grindrod, Cortex-like Complex Systems: What Occurs Within?  

Steven Gubka, Emotions: Bodily Feelings or Evaluative Perception?  

Lindsay Briner, Further Reaches Of Human Motivation  

C20: Anesthesia

Live Zoom discussion Friday 18th, 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 2, Chair: M Bruce MacIver 

Bruce MacIver, Nonlinear Dynamics Analyses of EEG Signals Capture Brain States at Different Levels of Consciousness 

Matthew I. Banks, Cortical Connectivity Indexes Arousal State During Sleep and Anesthesia  

Heonsoo Lee, Neuronal dynamics in visual cortex under conscious and anesthetized conditions  

Anthony G. Hudetz, Local Neuronal Connectivity Contributes to Loss and Return of Consciousness During Anesthesia  

Sarah Eagleman, Nitrous Oxide Decreases Electroencephalogram Complexity, But Not Frequency Content at Loss of Consciousness  

Teo Jeon Shin, Changes In Information Processing In Propofol-induced Deep Sedation In Volunteers Using Electroencephalography  

C21: Dreaming and the Unconscious

Live Zoom discussion Friday Sept 18th, 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 3, Chair: James Pagel 

Rishit Das, Unconscious Cognitions and Emotion: The Bridge Between Subliminal Stimuli and Its Influence on Emotion  

Katherine Mohr, Dreaming in the Holo-net: Dreaming and Consciousness in a Holographic Universe 

James Pagel, Parasomnia Dreams: The Other Forms of Sleep-associated Consciousness  

Rinaldo Livio Perri, Hypnotic Suggestions May Reduce The Conflict Between The Automatic And The Intentional Processes. Behavioral And Neurophysiological Evidence From The Stroop Task.  

Rubin Naiman, Resurrecting Morpheus: Healing the Silent Epidemic of Dream Loss  

Stephen LaBerge, Lucid Dreaming Allows Voluntary Perception During REM Sleep: I. Background and Behavioral Evidence  

Paul Kalas, New evidence for precognition through dreams 

Thomas Wilson, Awareness of Implicit Priming of Self-disclosure 

C22: Meditation and Mysticism

Live Zoom discussion Wednesday 18th, 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 3, Chair, Dianne Trussell 

Lars Sandved Smith, Towards a Computational Neuroscience of Meditation and Self Awareness  

Dianne Trussell, Physiological and Subjective Correlates of Three Types of Body-focused Meditation: A Pilot Study  

Tracy Brandmeyer, A Neural Marker for Training Focused Attention Meditation: Closed-loop FM Neurofeedback 

Noa Latham, Mystical Experiences and Epistemic Justification 

Dani Caputi, Consciousness and Music Festivals: Increasing the Effect Sizes of Psychophysical Interactions  

Erola Pons, The Sense of Self In Meditation and Depersonalization  

Scott Forrer, Healing of Memories: Data Repair and Transfiguration by Means of Consciousness and Engaged Meditation  

J Dudeja, Scientific Analysis of Mantra-based Meditation and Its Beneficial Effects  

Sakunthala SK, The Science of Consciousness From the Ancient Scientists of India  

C23: Nonlocal Consciousness

Live Zoom discussion Friday Sept 18th, 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 3, Chair, Arnaud Delorme 

Scott Ventureyra, Artificial Intelligence, the Nature of Consciousness, Information, Reality and the Possibility of the Afterlife  

Gary Schwartz, Computer Automated, Multi-center, Multi-blinded, Randomized Control Trial of Hypothesized Spirit Presence and Communication  

James Lake, An Integral Model of the Near-Death Experience: Neural and Quantum Mechanisms  

Arnaud Delorme, Accuracy and Neural Correlates of Blinded Mediumship Compared to Controls on Image Classification Task  

Maria Stewart, Investigation of Non-inferential Perception and Associated Cognitive Aspects 

Raja Choudhury, Conversations With The Void: 112 Non-dual Tantric Meditation Hacks for Altering Your Consciousness and Experiencing The Void  

Christine Simmonds-Moore, Exploring The Correlates And Nature Of Exceptional Experiences In A Psychomanteum 

Sonia Rinaldi, Giving Voice To Those Who Cannot Speak 

C24: Visual / Literature / Media  (+ Art Tech Health + PO 6.0)

Live Zoom discussion Friday 18th, 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 2, Chair, Sascha Seifert 

Nick Day, Painting the World with Fractals: How Creative Expression Reveals a Deeper Order of Reality and Consciousness  

Sascha Seifert, Can Social Media Ever Become Conscious Again? - 2020 Snapshot on the Meta Analysis  

Ana Eva Iribas-Rudin, From postal art to a visit of the muses: Susan Hiller's 'Draw Together' and 'Sisters of Menon' 

Stuart Moody, Hidden Technologies: A Complementary Approach to Ecosystem Management?  

Christopher Wittum, Idealist Realism 

Hilda Sotelo, Critical Organic Writing to Decode Oppression  

Peter Sapaty, Symbiosis of Real and Simulated Worlds Under Global Awareness and Consciousness 

Shoshannah Bryn Jones Square, Making Waves: Ripples of Consciousness in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein  

C25: Consciousness and Fundamental Models

Live Zoom discussion Friday Sept. 18th, 7:00 pm to 7:45 pm          

Zoom Channel 3,  Chair, Nancy J Woolf 

Nancy J. Woolf, The Conscious Matrix: Our Portal to Universal Truth and Connection  

Goutam Ghosh, A Four Layered Cosmopsychist Model of Reality based on Vedanta for Deriving Materiality from Consciousness - Solving the Reverse Hard Problem 

Fredric Schiffer, Consciousness and Good and Evil  

Alexander Aris, A Noncomputable Level Iv Multiverse, Universal Consciousness And The Living Cosmos  

Daniela Munoz-Jimenez, From Fundamental Forces to Fundamental Meanings: Life, Consciousness and Morality  

Dennis Balson, Protoconsciousness/Energy and Matter  

Burton Voorhees, Consciousness and Culture in the Imaginal World