Poster Sessions

September 14-18, 2020  Consciousness REBOOT

POSTERS     Accepted Abstracts 

WED Sept 16      6:30-9:30 pm MST  Poster Session 1 

FRI   Sept 18       6:30-9:30 pm MST  Poster Session 2 

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Poster Session 1 

WED Sept 16     6:30-9:30 pm

POSTERS     Accepted Abstracts 


Acosta, Carlos -- Mind Matter and Phenomenal Experience Confirmed – wait-listed for Concurrent
Akula, Chandramouli -- Meditation: A Route to Explore Consciousness, Awareness and Nothingness - PENDING
Backman, Linda -- The Role of Hypnotic Regression In Understanding Human Evolution and Consciousness. -   confirmed
Bajpai, Alok -- Maya is Reality and Brain Creates It.  -  PENDING
Banerjee, Prabuddha -- Redefining "I". -  PENDING
Baranowski, Martin -- Contours of Consciousness: A Graphical Approach to Modeling the Operational Domain of Subjective Experience - confirmed
Bassols, Johanna -- The Orientation of Experience, A Bridge Between Consciousness and Perception -  confirmed
Behbudi, Suraya -- Evaluation of Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Headache Indices in Migraine Patients During Conventional Therapies Under Influence of Consciousness Fields - confirmed
Beischel, Julie -- Correlating Mediums' Accuracy under Quintuple-blind Conditions with their Sensory Modality Preferences -  confirmed
Bettinger, Jesse -- Orch-OR In A Process/Event Ontology - PENDING
Birkett, Martha -- Brain Stimulation Through Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing - confirmed
Black, Alethea -- The Relationship Between Time, the Pineal Gland, DMT and Human Health - confirmed
Blaise, Gary -- Inter-spacial Abstraction (ISA) - An Idea which begins with quantized space and a question: "If Space Comes in Bits . . . What's Between the Bits?"  - confirmed
Blum, Richard -- The Existence Framework: Existence as the Carrier of Consciousness and a Fundamental Element of the Universe -   confirmed
Borsos, David -- Cosmic Fire Studies: An Academic Approach to the Esoteric Philosophy of Alice A. Bailey - confirmed
Braumbaugh - Jacobsen, Martha -- The Emergence Of Miracles In Living Systems -  confirmed
Brooks, Mark -- A Different Perspective on Dimensions and Time -  confirmed