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Toward a Science of Consciousness

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Toward a Science of Consciousness


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2015 In the news

3/23/15 - Newswise, Anesthesia Points to Deeper Level ‘Quantum Channels’ as Origins of Consciousness

Electron resonance pervades the brain

Brain hierarchy leads inward to quantum channels where anesthetics act to prevent consciousness

1/21/15 The Guardian, Why Can't The World's Greatest Minds Solve the Mystery of Consciousness? Oliver Burkeman, One spring morning in Tucson, Arizona, in 1994....


2014 Selections


Consciousness in the universe - A review of the 'Orch OR' theory, SciDirect, Hameroff S, Penrose R (2014) Physics of Life Reviews 11:39-78


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VIDEO 2011

Through the Wormhole, Discovery Science Channel, Life After Death'  (general website  not connected to interview)   

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