APRIL 13-18, 2020 | Tucson | Arizona

Loews Ventana Canyon Resort


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520-621-9317 /  520-247-5785

attn:  abi behar montefiore


Preliminary Plenary Program | TSC 2020

(Dates, times and additional sessions and speakers

to be announced)


Edvard Moser (Nobel Laureate)

NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

Space and time in the brain  


Michael Pollan

UC Berkeley, Harvard, author

Consciousness and psychedelics


Consciousness and Time

Carlo Rovelli, Aix-Marseilles U  

Dean Buonomano, UCLA 

Sylvie Droit-Volet, U Clermont’ 

Don Hoffman, UC Irvine 

Keith Frankish, U Sheffield  


Free Will and Consciousness

Uri Maoz, Chapman U

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Duke U

Amir Raz, Chapman U  

Eve Isham, U Arizona  


Consciousness and Non-Invasive Brain Modulation 

Alexander Bystritsky, UCLA  

Shinzen Young, U Arizona


Origin of EEG Rhythms

Paul L Nunez, Tulane

Alysson Muotri, UCSD 

Horacio Cantiello, UNSE Argentina


Debate: Are Plants Conscious?

Monica Gagliano, U Sydney 

Jon Mallatt, Washington State U


Music, Resonance and Consciousness

Lawrence Zbikowski, U Chicago  

Selen Atasoy, Oxford  

Jonathan Schooler/Tam Hunt, UCSB 


Is the Universe Conscious? Cosmopsychism and

Eastern Approaches

Miri Albahari, U Western Australia

Deepak Chopra, Chopra Global

Philip Goff, Central European University 


Consciousness and Psychedelics

Dennis McKenna, Heffter Research Institute

Christopher Timmerman-Slater, UCL 

Mark Rasenick, UI Chicago 


Quantum AI and Consciousness

Hartmut Neven, Google Quantum AI

Peter Read, Cortex/Vitruvian Partners






Call for Digital,

Installation and Performance Art

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PLENARY OPENS (Tues afternoon April 14)

PLENARY SESSIONS (Tues-Sat April 14-18)


Tues April 14  5:00-7:00 pm

Wed April 15   5:00-7:00 pm

Fri    Apr17      5:00-7:00 pm


(Wed April 15 and Fri April 17)  )7:00- 9:30 pm


(Daily and Evening Sessions)

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Themes and Keynote Speakers | TSC 2020

Conscious Vision and Predictive Coding

Time and Consciousness

Language and Consciousness

Quantum Psychopathology

Mathematical Approaches to Consciousness

Consciousness and Education

Evolution and Consciousness

Psychedelics and Consciousness

Quantum Biology

Brain Stimulation

Meditation and Consciousness

Pain, Consciousness and Addiction




Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Tucson

TSC Hotel Room Block Link - open

$140 conference rate is extended from Apr 8-22, 2020



Daily Guided Hike (Weather Permitting)

Sabino Canyon - hotel provides transportation



TSC 2021


Taormina, Italy

May 31 - June 6  2021






TSC 2019

The Science of Consciousness - TSC 2019

June 25-28, 2019

Interlaken - Switzerland



TSC - Interlaken - Conference Program 

Interlaken TSC Poster

INTERLAKEN TSC 2019 - Final Book of Abstracts

TSC Tucson 2018

The Science of Consciousness

April 2-7, 2018 

Tucson, Arizona


Tucson TSC 2018 - Final Book of Abstracts TSC 2018 - pdf


Tucson TSC 2018 - Plenary Session Videos  

General Conference Information - TSC 2018

Conference Photos -TSC 2018

Thank you Brad Buhr 

TSC 2017

The Science of Consciousness

June 5-10, 2017

San Diego, California

2017     Plenary Session Videos from San Diego*

2017     Noam Chomsky, Hartmut Neven, Roger Penrose and more   

2017     Deepak Chopra - How We Create the Human Universe

2017         Integrated DEI East-West Forum Vision Talk Prof. PS Satsangi

i tunes  

you tube

Updated Program        Program Updates June 1, 2017

San Diego TSC 2017    Final Book of Abstracts/Program

         (Abstracts, Program Book May 12. 2017)

San Diego TSC 2017     Plenary Session Videos*

Additional Videos TSC San Diego 2017:

Consciousness Central


1. Deepak Chopra - How We Create the Human Universe

2. Integrated DEI East-West Forum

3. TSC 2017 Vision Talk Prof. PS Satsangi



TSC Tucson 2016

The Science of Consciousness 

Loews Ventana Canyon Hotel Tucson

Tucson - April 25-30, 2016

Tucson TSC 2016  Program Book Final Version

Tucson TSC 2016  Plenary Videos (youtube)

Consciousness Chronicles

Consciousness Central TV

The Deeper You Go: The Interviews


TSC 2016 History TSC Slide Show.mp4



2016 Plenary Bios 

2016 TSC "The Science of Consciousness" - Book of Abstracts and Program

2016 Plenary Videos (youtube)  

2016 Plenary Videos (iTunes)   

2016 TSC 2016 Feature for 2016 TSC Tucson 

2016 Consciousness Chronicles-Videos

2016 Consciousness Central - The Daily Show from TSC Tucson

2016 Consciousness Central 2016 Tucson

         Consciousness Chronicles

Conference Trailer - Video

YouTube-2016 Plenary Videos

Program Book Final Version 2016

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TSC 2016 History Slide Show.mp4

CONTINUE TO ARCHIVES-conferences and meetings.


TSC Helsinki 2015

Helsinki Consciousness Central TV


TSC Tucson 2014

The Science of Consciousness

20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary Poster, D. Cantrell BioMed, AHSC,UMC  

Consciousness Central TV Daily Roundup

The Deeper You Go: The Interviews



2014  It was 20 Years Ago Today -

A short film early clips and

VIDEO - TSC 2014


2014 Plenary Sessions via iTunes


Center for Consciousness Studies



20th Anniversary Poster, D. Cantrell BioMed, AHSC,UMC  







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The Science of Consciousness 2020

April 13-18, 2020

TSC Ad-v5 Speakers 

Tucson | Arizona

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Loews Ventana Canyon Resort



International conferences 2020

Lucerne | 18 January 2020

“The Mystery of Consciousness”.

13th Swiss Biennial on Science, Technics + Aesthetics,

Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne



The Science of Consciousness - TSC 2021
(May 31-June 6, 2021)

Taormina, Italy




Highlights from past TSC Conferences


Past Science of Consciousness Conference

Plenary Videos-youtube

YouTube by Conference Name/Year

(2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012)














Additional TSC-CCS Videos-iTunes

iTunes - through 2016



Conference Photos -B. Buhr

Tucson TSC 2018


San Diego TSC 2017



Special Collections

2014  It was 20 Years Ago Today- 20th Anniversary


2014-A short film early clips and

Conscious Pictures

Interviews with Plenary



1996 Vintage***video

TCC Tucson Convention Center



The Science of Consciousness



1994 Tucson 1    Apr 12-17, 1994

1996 Tucson 2    Apr   8-13, 1996   

1998 Tucson 3    Apr 27- May 2,1998

2000 Tucson 4    Apr 10-15,  2000

2002 Tucson 5    Apr  8-12,   2002

2004 Tucson 6    Apr  7-11,   2004

2006 Tucson 7    Apr  4-8,     2006

2008 Tucson 8    Apr  8-12,   2008

2010 Tucson 9    Apr  12-17, 2010

2012 Tucson 10  Apr   9-14,  2012

2014 Tucson 11  Apr  21-26, 2014- 20th Anniversary

2016 Tucson 12  Apr  25-30, 2016  

2018 Tucson 13   Apr   2-7,   2018



Co-Sponsored Conferences

TSC - Science of Consciousness

The alternate year international co-sponsored TSC

conferences held overseas in cooperation

with partner organizations and institutions.


1995-2017- Past Cities have included:

1995 Ischia, Italy 

1997 Elsinore, Denmark

1999 Tokyo, Japan

2001 Skovde, Sweden

2003 Prague, Czech Republic

2005 Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 Budapest, Hungary

2009 Hong Kong, China

2011 Stockholm, Sweden

2013 Agra, India

2015, Helsinki, Finland

2017, San Diego, USA

























Center News


Education and Curriculum Highlights


Research & News Highlights


QUANTUM NEWS - under construction

Stuart Hameroff, Director, CCS

Additional Websites:



Highlights - Films, Meetings, Research, Interviews



M. Cocchi, The issue of depression and the a-quantum

consciousness. Remembering a fabulous day. Letter to Psychiatrists.

Neuroquantology, August 2019, Vol 17,page 1-7


Suzannah Weiss

HowScientist's view of 'Schrodinger's cat is evolving,

Science 101, S. Hameroff Interview. August 27, 2019


Sinek, Q. Daily Wildcat 3/22/19

Science on Screen Film Screening - The Loft Theater

3/20; presentation by Prof. Stuart Hameroff 


Increased Excitability Induced in the Primary

Motor Cortex by Transcranial Ultrasound Stimulation

Front. Neurol., 28 November 2018


Anesthetic Action and

Quantum Consciousness

A Match Made in Olive Oil

Anesthesiology 2018 Aug:129(2):228-231,

Global Zen Consciousness and Future of AI Robotics,

Markets Insider, October 22, 2018


Swiss Biennial on Science, Technics + Aesthetics

January 20, 2018 - Lucerne

Link to brochure

Trailer:   The Enigma of Human Consciousness


Newswise - How Does Anesthesia Really Work?

Consciousness Depends on Tubulin Vibrations Inside Neurons Anesthesia Study

Suggests,Sci Rep - Nature Aug 29 2017







News Media Contact

Abi Behar Montefiore


Assistant Director/Conference Manager

University of Arizona



Tel:    520.621-9317 


No filming/podcasting or studio set ups at the TSC Conferences

without prior permission. Independent companies will need paid

registrations along with prior permission to film.


Please contact us for additional information.




Vintage Highlights:




Biennial and International TSC Conferences

youtube videos


itunes videos



facebook:   Center for Consciousness Studies

twitter:       @scienceofconsciousnessconferences


20th Anniversary - 2014 clips/

2014-A short film early clips and



TSC 2016 History Slide Show.mp4



TSC 1996

Video from Tucson Convention Center

1996 Tucson Conference video



2008-present  Plenary Videos (youtube) 

2011 Through the Wormhole

Discovery Science Channel, Life After Death' 

(general website  not connected to interview) 

2011  Miracle Detectives,

The Science of Consciousness, OWN, Feb 2011



Season 2, Episode 1, Part 2 

aired: June 8, 2011,

modr., Morgan Freeman  

June 8, 2011 (Tucson, AZ), University Medical Center physicians

Stuart Hameroff (Department of Anesthesiology and Director of the

Center for Consciousness Studies and Dr. Michael Lemole (Neurosurgery)

appear on the Discovery Channel Science television program

Through the Wormhole with host and narrator, 

Morgan Freeman, featuring interviews and scenes filmed at UMC

with numerous operating room staff. Morgan Freeman host and

narrator highlights views of leading researchers and skeptics into

the questions of near-death experiences, consciousness, quantum

effects on biological research and the science behind what we know today.





Orch OR by Penrose and Hameroff 


'Consciousness in the Universe' 

Journal of Cosmology,

2011, Vol. 14


Visualizing molecular memory

" Memory Bytes" - Molecular match for CaMKII,

Phosphorylation Encoding of Microtubule Lattices,

Journal of Integrative Neuroscience,  

Hameroff, Craddock & Tuszynski 9/20/10 

Quantum and Nanocomputing Systems, 2011 









Agra, India, Quantum and Nanocomputing Systems, December 1-4, 2011

Quantum and Nano Computing Systems Centre (QANCENTRE), 

QANSAS Agra, India



TSC 2011 - Stockholm



2011 - TSC Stockholm -youtube 

Maria Juhl interviews Deepak Chopra

Link to 2011 TSC Abstracts

The 18th Toward a Science of Consciousness



Photos from Stockholm - Penrose/Hameroff

Additional Photos from Stockholm



In Memoriam


Adele (Yetta) Engel Behar

Karen Shanor, Ph.D


Consciousness Central TV


11th Story The Deeper You Go: The Interviews


2011 Research in the news,   contin.

CCS 2014 - It was 20 Years Ago Today

A short film early

2014 20th Anniversary Poster

History of TSC PLENARY, since 1994

2008-present  Plenary Videos (youtube)       

TSC 1996- Toward a Science of Consciousness

Tucson Convention Center, short clip

The Interviews




What the Bleep!? Do We Know!?

Cast includes

Stuart Hameroff - Featured Scientist






1996 Tucson conference



Toward a New Science of the Mind: