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2021 - Science & Roger Penrose Webinar

The summer of '21

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This Free Webinar was held: August 3-6, 2021 (4 sessions; 20 speakers) 
On the occasion of Roger Penrose's 90th Birthday and Nobel Prize

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Session 1 - OVERVIEW - BLACK HOLES - R. Penrose, S. Hameroff, R. Genzel, R. Blandford

Session 2 - QUANTUM MEASUREMENT – OBJECTIVE REDUCTION OR – R. Blandford, I. Fuentes-Guridi, H. Ulbricht, D. Bouwmeester, P. Stamp

Session 3 - CONSCIOUSNESS – ORCH OR & PANEL ON QUANTUM BIOLOGY OF MICROTUBULES - S. Hameroff, G. Scholes, A. Muotri,  J. Riddle (Session Chair) A. Kalra, T. Craddock, A. Dogariu, MB MacIver, A.Bandyopadhyay, J.Tuszyński (Panel Chair)

Session 4 - CCC-A PRE-BIG BANG UNIVERSE: CONFORMAL CYCLIC COSMOLOGY R. Penrose, P. Tod, B. Keating, K. Meissner, V. Gurzadyan

2020 - TSC - The Science of Consciousness - Virtual -  Intro Reel  

2019 - TSC Interlaken 

2018 - TSC Tucson - Intro Reel 

2016 - TSC Tucson - Intro Reel 

V i N T a G e  Highlights

2014 - TSC Tucson 20th Anniversary    "It was 20 Years Ago Today ..." A short film 2014 - early clips and slides.mov

2005 - What the Bleep!? Do We Know !? Film - S. Hameroff, Featured Scientist 

1996 - TSC Tucson Toward a Science of Consciousness YouTube


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San Diego TSC 2017

20th Anniversary TSC 2014 courtesy of consc.net

In addition to organizing the biennial conferences, the Center has engaged in activities such as:

Supporting original research in Consciousness Studies

Establishing a lecture series in Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona

Developing interdisciplinary graduate courses in Consciousness Studies

Holding Summer Institutes in Consciousness Studies

Holding small focused workshops and conferences on specific topics

Sponsorship of consciousness panels at professional meetings

Fostering of interdisciplinary communications inside and outside the University of Arizona

Developing a Center website with online courses, conferences and more

Holding bimonthly Consciousness Discussion Forums on campus

Sponsor/partner with numerous institutes and centers

The Center for Consciousness Studies

The study of human consciousness is one of science's last great frontiers.

The 1994, the first TSC Consciousness conference  "Toward a Science of Consciousness" -  known  as  TSC - "The Science of Consciousness" was held in Tucson, Arizona at the University of Arizona Medical Center. TSC-1994 is widely regarded as a landmark event, and the subsequent series of biennial conferences in Tucson and alternate years abroad have attracted extraordinary interest. After being neglected for many years (i.e. during a period of dominance by behaviorism in psychology), interest in the science of consciousness exploded in the last decades, with much progress in neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and other areas. The University of Arizona has been at the center of these developments. 

The Center for Consciousness Studies was formed in 1998 with a seed grant from the Fetzer Institute. The Center is a unique institution whose aim is to bring together the perspectives of philosophy, the cognitive sciences, neuroscience, the social sciences, medicine, and the physical sciences, the arts and humanities, to move toward an integrated understanding of human consciousness. The Center is unique in its broad spectrum approach. Other groups tend focus either on cognitive neuroscience, philosophy or purely phenomenal experiential approaches, whereas the Center not only integrates these areas, but "thinks outside the box" of conventional wisdom which has thus far, at least, failed to make significant breakthroughs. CCS also supports original research on consciousness, not only to understand the origins of consciousness, but to advance therapies for mental and cognitive disorders.

The Science of Consciousness Conference - TSC  

The Science of Consciousness (TSC) conferences are the pre-eminent world gatherings on all approaches to the profound and fundamental question of how the brain produces conscious experience, a question which addresses who we are, the nature of reality and our place in the universe. The TSC conference is sponsored and produced by The Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona. The Center is well known for hosting the biennial conference: 'The Science of Consciousness,’ (‘TSC’) the world's largest and longest-running interdisciplinary conference addressing fundamental questions regarding consciousness, the brain, reality, and existence. Held in Tucson Arizona in even-numbered years, TSC attracts 700 to 800 neuroscientists, philosophers, psychologists, artificial intelligence (AI) proponents, physicists, meditators, altered-state researcher, mystics and interested lay people from all over the world. In odd-numbered years the conference has been held in Italy, Denmark (twice), Japan, Sweden (twice), Czech Republic, Hungary, Hong Kong, India, Finland, San Diego and Switzerland.

The Science of Consciousness (TSC) is an interdisciplinary conference emphasizing broad and rigorous approaches to all aspects of the study and understanding of conscious awareness. Topical areas include neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, biology, quantum physics, meditation and altered states, machine consciousness, culture and experiential phenomenology.  

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