2020 The Science of Consciousness

The Science of Consciousness 2020 -  ONLINE / Livestream + On-Demand  September 14-18, 2020  PROGRAM

 2020 TSC Conference Program Committee 

  • Stuart Hameroff, M.D., Chair, Director, Center for Consciousness Studies, U Arizona

  • Thomas G. Bever, Ph.D.Regent's Professor, Co-Director, Center for Consciousness Studies, U Arizona

  • Jay Sanguinetti, Ph.D. Co-Chair, Associate Director, CCS, U Arizona

  • Eve Isham, Assistant Professor, Cognition and Neural Systems, U Arizona

  • Betsy Bigbee, Center for Consciousness Studies

  • Olga Bever, U Arizona

  • Natalie Bryant, U Arizona

  • Abi Behar Montefiore, Conference Manager, Assistant Director, Center for CONSCIOUSNESS STUDIES - U Arizona  center@email.arizona.edu