"Are You Being Heard? Practical Guidance for Conference Presenters"

Anthony Freeman
Journal of Consciousness Studies

Making a conference presentation is a skill in itself. Done well it enhances  (and done badly it obscures) the message of the presenter. This workshop offers practical guidance on topics such as: preparation; choice of material; importance of timing; audio-visual aids; valuing the audience; the use of English in an international setting; plenaries, concurrents, and posters; and chairing a session. Participants are asked to  bring along one example of a paper they have presented (or plan to present) for use in a  small group activity. Advice will also be offered on preparing an oral presentation for subsequent submission to a journal.

SHORT BIO:  Anthony Freeman has thirty years' experience in verbal communication as a lecturer, tutor, preacher, and broadcaster. He has engaged in adult education and training at all levels from informal groups to university degree courses. Since 1994 he has been managing editor of the Journal of Consciousness Studies, and has been session chairman and made presentations at four Tucson conferences.