Photos from Tucson 2002, the fifth Tucson "Toward a Science of Consciousness" conference, from April 8-12, 2002.

Sensory Substitution Trio: Peter Meijer, Paul Bach-y-Rita, Pat Fletcher

Pat Fletcher (with Seeing with Sound equipment)

Machine consciousness: Ray Kurzweil and Rod Brooks

Binocular rivalry experimentation

Rama in action

Shootout at the Zombie Corral (with Anne Reboul and her prize-winning poster)

Steve Biggs on "Zombies and the Protophenomenal"

Anand Rangarajan, Keith Sutherland, Adam Zeman at the Desert Museum

Michael Tye and Steve Horst

Ivan Havel, Miloslava Kozmova, Dasha Havel

Lonnie Nelson and Logan Trujillo

Michael Tye and friends

Three men and a baby: August & Alva Noë, Evan Thompson, Charles Siewert

Antti Revonsuo and Eric Schwitzgebel

Sue Blackmore and Robert Miller

Gregg Rosenberg, Vittorio Gallese, Alva Noë, Christof Koch

Poetry slam winners: Vicki Prickett ("Yak Yak Yak"), Van Youngman ("Microtubules My Ass")

Ellery Lanier and Stuart Hameroff at Poetry Slam


Photos from the second biennial "End of Consciousness" party

held at Dave Chalmers' house at the end of Tucson 2002 (April 12, 2002).

Two-shots: with Gregg Rosenberg, Michael Tye

Fresh air outside

Tony Bell et al


Vittorio Gallese and Lis Nielsen

Charles Siewert and Rachael Poulsen

Susan Jackson and Allen Habib

XX and Rebecca Hill