APRIL 9-14, 2012





                                           A dialogue between quantum physicists

                                                    and The Sugar Beast Company                       




                       Following a Premiere at the London International Mime Festival scheduled for January 27-29, 2012                                           

Geneva Foster Gluck will bring a piece of {Event(Dimension):} to TSC 2012.

On the smallest mountain in the Solar System…
…the observer is lead by Refraction-Girl tour guides…
…through small acts of time travel and extreme physical skill…
… story unfolds between two simultaneous events.

A fascination with one of the most beautiful scientific experiments leads circus athletes and audience into the world of quantum mechanics. Nostalgic of kitsch Sci-Fi films and analogue computer graphics {Event(Dimension):} calls upon our instinctual understanding of reality to question the role of the observer and the nature of time.


{Event(Dimension):} will divide the audience into two groups, one will enter a lecture space while the other enters the abstract Quantum Space, each group will experience a different yet simultaneous show, they will then switch places to have the other experience. The two different experiences will be bound together by a shared sound track, the overlap of the two experiences and the repetition of the soundtrack will culminate in a two part narrative that through circus physicality, association and memory will tell an abstract and insightful story of the Quantum Enigma.

This multiple dimension narrative was developed through a dialogue between quantum physicists and The Sugar Beast Company. This project has developed in the following stages with support from an Arts Council England and is produced by McMc Arts.




Geneva Foster Gluck       director / deviser / writer/ performer / designer -  {Event(Dimension):}