Toward a Science of Consciousness 2012

Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

April 9-14, 2012

Art-Technology Exhibit



Mindville is a motion picture combining live action with animation to explore the wonders of human consciousness.

Mindville is an enthralling mixture of adventure, humor, quantum physics and love!


Mindville - Story Outline

Imagine one day you wake up to find you've turned into a cartoon version of yourself inhabiting a cartoon version of the world! Then imagine you meet a giant talking brain called Nigel who tells you that the only way back to reality is by discovering the true nature of consciouness itself! This is the unusual fate that befalls our two heroes, Klaus and Shahanna, who are turned into animated versions of themselves and then embark upon the adventure of their lives to gain a deep understanding of what it means to be human, to have conscious awareness, and to love. The wise, all-knowing Nigel guides Klaus and Shahanna to Mindville, a virtual fairground of the imagination, with rides and attractions dedicated to various aspects of consciousness, the brain and reality. Great figures from history such as Plato, Einstein and Descartes are on hand to help them along. As Klaus and Shahanna discover more about themselves and each other with each adventure, they gradually move closer to their ultimate goal.
But the path to awareness - and love - can get bumpy...


Mindville is more than a movie. Mindville is a metaphor for that place of inner exploration all of us have experienced at some point in our lives. Whenever we enter that moment of questioning, wondering, inspiration or realization, whenever we tap into the wisdom of science, philosophy and spiritual insight that humanity has accumulated over countless centuries, we enter the allegorical realm represented by Mindville.  Film has an extraordinary effect on consciousness despite the fact that we've come to regard it as an everyday experience. When we watch a film, we temporarily become one with its reality, even though we know it's an artifice. We suspend our disbelief, and the film's intrinsic "consciousness" merges into ours and takes over for a while. Films are rather like dreams in this way, or even hypnotic trances. The greatest potential of a film is one that not only enters our consciousness, but also raises it at the same time. When we walk out of the theatre, we are transformed and our perception of reality has changed.  This is our guiding vision for Mindville.