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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 


The Fundamental Energy Theory - FET

(specific Qualitative Vacuum Energies)

and the Theory of Everything

Steen Loeth, Birgitta Therner, Arnold Therner,

Andrea Moellenkvist, Leif Pettersson

Physicists have worked intensively to understand our physical world, including the unification of the four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces, into a 'theory of everything', but so far without success. Now Leif Pettersson, biochemical engineer with profound interest in Physics and Consciousness studies, presents a groundbreaking material with theories based on the intuitive knowledge contained in Martinus Cosmology. These theories demonstrate a new model, 'The Fundamental Energy Theory' - FET, that without any contradiction unifies the four fundamental forces of nature, and actually gives us 'The Theory of Everything' Hypotheses are presented that may explain the mechanisms behind Einstein's General and Special Theories of Relativity, quantum physics with its hypothetical gravitons, Higgs particles etc. and the enigmatic dark matter and dark energy.

Steen Loeth M.D. is working as a clinician, ENT and audiology specialist at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology,

Central Hospital in Skoevde, Sweden. He completed his Ph.D. in the area of sleeping disorders at Sahlgrenska University

Hospital, Gothenburg, 1999.  Dr. Loeth has a profound interest in existential issues, philosophy, consciousness studies and physics. 

He is the project leader for NCP, - New Cosmic Paradigm - an independent organization working with the branch of intuitive knowledge contained in Martinus cosmology, a bridging to science.  Per Bruus-Jensen (former trainee and collaborator of Martinus) is also represented.  Leif Petterson developed the "Fundamenal Energy Theory - FET" which is presented in the book: ‘Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything’, (NCP 2012)   As NCP further develops and communicates this area of knowledge - this new way of understanding of reality also implies a paradigm shift:  from a materialistic/mechanistic worldview according to which chance and coincidence govern, toward an understanding of a reality according to which the universe is infinite and alive and where life is controlled and governed by an all-embracing consciousness in harmony with eternal creative principles and precise laws of nature that are associated with it.