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Wednesday April 11, 2012

7:00-10:00 PM

location:  Grand Ballroom, Salon B


      HASMUKH TAYLOR      The Mystery of the Wave Function (Ψ) Resolved



The physical interpretation of this wave function (Ψ) in the Schrodinger’s equation was to become one of the great philosophical problems of quantum mechanics. I make it clear at this point and state that no one really knows what the wave function (Ψ) actually is. What I am going to explain is ground breaking and that is to show that this wave function (Ψ) is a Hologram, also known as Sleeping Kundalini in yoga philosophy. This Hologram is Divine and made up Pure Awareness and its harmonics.

Physicists have been reluctant to take quantum mechanics out of the 3-dimensional world for fear of being labeled mystics. But if our physical world includes the inevitable transition from 3- dimensions to a higher dimension, should this not be included in quantum mechanics. What if that place of higher vibration is the missing piece in quantum mechanics? This is the domain of Nonlocality which is holographic ‘The Living Mirror of Awareness’ which concurs with the Vedanta Philosophy.

This presentation conforms with an outstanding contribution made by David Chalmers in the Book authored by himself, “The Conscious Mind” to our understanding of Consciousness. The principles with which he deals here concern the coherence between consciousness and awareness (global availability). The second principle, he calls it, the principle of structural coherence, connecting the structure of consciousness to the structure of awareness, in the sense that the structure of consciousness is mirrored by the structure of awareness, and the structure of awareness is mirrored by the structure of consciousness. The principle of organizational invariance is a third. These principles may be components of a final theory consciousness, especially the mirrors of awareness and consciousness in connection with the recording and viewing of the Divine Hologram that I am presenting.




Dr. Hasmukh Taylor is presently The Director of Yoga, Philosophy and Teaching at The Pranava Yoga. He is highly experienced and was a former professor at the University of Central Florida, graduated with Honors from Imperial College, University of London in 1974. He has pioneered the first ever Yoga Course integrated with Far Eastern Philosophy for the Honors students at The Burnett Honors College, University of Central Florida from 2005/2010. He promotes the highest teachings of ancient science of Yoga. He is an author of three Books namely: Shri Guru Gita, The Anatomy of Siddha Yoga, and The Elite Doctrine of Siddha Yoga currently been sold on On September 12, 2010, he was awarded Doctorate of Metaphysical Science on his Dissertation on “The Divine Theory of Everything” which scientifically proves that Universe is a Hologram. The Thesis proposes a new model of Reality based in the research left by David Bohm, John Bell etc., to give a ground breaking true perspective on how the Source forms a Quantum Hologram through Yoga- based experience of Ultimate Reality.


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