TSC 2011  Conference Workshop


Towards a Science of Consciousness 2011

Stockholm, Sweden

Saturday, May 7, 2011    afternoon (2-5p)

Experiential Altered State Workshop: Binaural Beat

The Monroe Institute

Trainers:    Carl Österberg, Edward Visse

Facilitator:   Hillary Webb

The Monroe Institute (TMI) is a nonprofit research and education institute located in Virginia, USA. The Institute seeks to support, promote, and engage in consciousness research and collaborations, providing a multi-vocal forum for the cross-cultural, experiential, experimental, and theoretical study of consciousness.

In conjunction with their research initiatives, TMI offers experiential programs (both on and off  their Virginia campus) in which various sound stimuli—in particular, binaural beat audio-guidance technology—are used to facilitate altered states of consciousness in the listener. In this experiential workshop, TMI trainers will lead a series of binaural beat exercises intended to initiate deep meditative states, allowing participants to achieve greater control over their mental, emotional, and physical well-being, including states of relaxation, concentration, memory, pain control, maintenance of physical health, creativity, release of negative emotion, and more. Specifically designed exercises with the binaural beat audio-guidance technology form the core of the workshop, together with explanation, discussion, and supportive group interaction.

While the workshop will be conducted in English, the trainers are also fluent in Swedish and Dutch. www.monroeinstitute.org




Carl Österberg, Växjö                                     Edward Visse                                           Hillary Webb



Carl Österberg, MSc in Biomedical Engineering, Technical Physics and Electronics Engineering, lives in Växjö in the south of Sweden. During his career in product development, for more than 20 years whereof 12 as a manager, at companies like Epsilon, Volvo and Alstom he eventually realised that his focus was more on developing humans than things. In his journey to find access to deeper inner knowledge he has studied many different ideas and directions to the evolution of consciousness. 2010 he started the independent company Human Awareness that helps people in search for a better life. The company uses recognised complementary methods that increase life energies, well-being and supports personal development. Carl is an Accredited Monroe Institute Outreach Facilitator and has graduated as a Level I-III practitioner for The Reconnection.


Edward Visse is a cancer scientist from Lund University also interested in complementary medicine and consciousness exploration. He is certified in Quantum Touch and Emotional Freedom Techniques and he is an Outreach trainer for The Monroe Institute. He has been exploring consciousness since 1995 and stimulates people to take back their own power and responsibilities.


Hillary Webb, Research Director at The Monroe Institute. Her primary research focus is on qualitative approaches to the study of human consciousness. She holds an MA in consciousness studies from Goddard College and a Ph.D. in humanistic psychology from Saybrook University. Her third book, Yanantin and Masintin in the Andean World, will be published next year by University of New Mexico Press.



Half-Day Workshops    $76 student; $96 standard              

The workshops are open to the public; registration required