Tonietta A. Walters is co-founder of The Arts Office Net Inc. [TAO Network] and Director of TAO Network's NoumenArt Center for Applied Aesthetics Virtual Campus through her avatar Xhyra Graf. She has a Specialized M.A. in Art and Philosophy of Mind/Cognitive Science from Florida International University.  Tonietta has curated several international art competitions and exchange exhibitions, both real and virtual.  A 2010 South Florida Cultural Consortium Media and Visual Arts Fellow, her paintings and sculpture can be found in collections throughout the US, Brazil, France and the Middle East and she has participated in group and solo exhibitions worldwide.  Tonietta is also Adjunct Professor of Philosophy for Miami Dade Virtual College and manages several virtual museum and exhibition areas in Second Life.




  Tonietta Walters, Sky snapshot of the virtual world


  Tonietta Walters, Cosmoscope Model III        


Tonietta Walters, Cosmoscope Model IV