Ole Hagen is an artist working with video, sculpture and large scale drawings. Combining found locations with constructed stage sets, masks and sculpted figures with living bodies, the artist produces interior spaces populated by mute characters. The work evokes a parallel reality of a metaphysical, mental or virtual kind. By equating the animate with the inanimate, the physical with the imaginary, a comical and hyperbolic world emerges that is not far from our own. The artist was born in Norway in 1967. He lives and works in London and teaches fine art at Birmingham City University. Ole Hagen studied at the National Academy of Fine Art in Oslo, Chelsea College of Art and Design (MA) and Goldsmiths College (PhD). Recent exhibitions include Multiverse curated by Ole for Danielle Arnaud in 2009. Multiverse Expanded is opening at Akershus Kunstsenter in Oslo 2011. Ole presented the solo show Holography for Beginners at the Horse Hospital in 2010. The artist is currently working with the collaborative project Vision Forum London as well as presenting research papers (some in 2011) in the cross territory between fine art, consciousness studies, quantum cosmology and transpersonal psychology.

PLENUM -the video