Conference Dinner

Thursday evening at the picturesque Aquaria Restaurant after an enjoyable 1.5  hour charter boat ride from the Stadshuset,  the city hall of Stockholm,  across Lake Mälaren through the locks to the Baltic Sea and the beautiful arcipelage/archipelago of Stockholm, the island Riddarfjärden (a part of Mälaren) to the island Djurgården and the Aquaria Restaurant and Water Museum. enjoy a wonderful meal  and light entertainment in the Stockholm Tradition. Ticket Required. (all other social events are included in the registration)


Aquaria Water Museum

Living Amazon rainforest with giant catfish, stingrays and piranhas. Sea tank with a moray, sharks, and corals, and a Baltic exhibit with wild sea trout spawning indoors. Guide film, café and shop.

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M/S Tranan vid Strandvägen i Stockholm, strax innan en båtuthyrning  tranan13.jpg (26839 bytes)