TSC 2011


                                                                                                      AULA MAGNA 

                                                                  Toward a Science of Consciousness, Brain Mind & Reality

                                                                                              STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

                                                                                Art-Technology Demo Exhibit     



Using lenses, mirrors, optical and aural feedback projections, light and geometrical frames, the artist creates complex interactive environments that model and reflect consciousness, highlighting the act of experience and observation as a creative act in itself.


Jol is a Canadian born artist living and working in Frankfurt aM, Germany.  He was awarded a grant and scholarship in 2010 for the Banff New Media Institute Liminal Sreen residency and he will travel to The Bag Factory, Johannesberg, SA for a 3 month residency in the autumn.  Through a complex of considerations on that which we consider elemental, such as time, perception, communication, light, feedback, etc., a hybrid synthesis of art, philosophy and science creates and hints at an undiscovered world that reveals questions about the traditional notion of ‘reality’.


                 JOL THOMSON


JOL THOMSON,   Concentrated Reflection

JOL THOMSON,  reflex (GUT)


JOL THOMSON,   What Now Is It?