2010 TSC

PLENARY  7  Transformation of Consciousness  


H.E. Za Choeje Rinpoche

Tibetan Buddhist Perspective on Consciousness, Enlightenment and Reincarnation


                                             Za Choeje Rinpoche


A Tibetan Buddhist Lama shares how thousands of years of spiritual and philosophical tradition can give fresh insight on the nature of consciousness, causality, and ideas about Self. Experience firsthand how exploring new ideas can transform your world. The co-author of "The Backdoor to Enlightenment", Za Choeje Rinpoche is a Tibetan Lama who was recognized as a reincarnated spiritual Master when he was an adolescent. He left behind his life in a refugee camp to live and study in a traditional Tibetan monastery as a student of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The next generation of spiritual teachers, Za Rinpoche incorporates ancient wisdom with a sharp understanding of the problems of our modern world."