Toward a Science of Consciousness 2008

Complete Program Day-By-Day

Locations:  TCC: Tucson Convention Center  /  HA: Hotel Arizona (3 minute walk from TCC)

Monday, April 7 

9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Pre-conference Workshops- Session 1

 TCC - GILA                    1.  What’s Globalist About Globalist Theories of Consciousness? Getting It Straight  -   

                                                    Bernard Baars, Katharine McGovern 

 TCC - GREENLEE       2.  Use of Mathematical Physics to Model Neural Correlates of Brain Activity in Perception and

                                                     Consciousness - Part  I  - Walter Freeman, Robert Kozma, Giuseppe Vitiello, Tian Yu Cao


 TCC -  MARICOPA      3.  New Directions in Brain Research:  Everything You Need to Know About the Social Brain

                                                     and its Implications for Consciousness -   David Craik, Charles Whitehead

 TCC - GRAHAM           4.  Consciousness and Self-Consciousness in Eastern & Western Philosophy -   

                                                      Paula Droege, Keya Maitra

TCC - MOHAVE              5.  Quantum Mechanisms in Neurons and Brain - Stuart Hameroff, Gustav Bernroider,

                                                      Daniel Sheehan

Monday, April 7 

2:00 pm to 6:00 pm 

Pre-conference Workshops- Session 2

TCC - GRAHAM                    6.   Philosophical Theories of Consciousness - Uriah Kriegel

HOTEL AZ-SAGEWOOD   7.   Fundamentals of Conscious Vision -  Susana Martinez-Conde, Stephen Macknik

TCC - MOHAVE                    8.   Real-Time Consciousness, Volition and Action - A Tribute to Ben Libet  - Part  I

                                                             Lynn Nadel,   Walter Sinnott-Armstrong & others

TCC - GREENLEE               9.   Use of Mathematical Physics to Model Neural Correlates of Brain Activity in Perception

                                                             and Consciousness - Part 2  - Walter Freeman,   Robert Kozma, Giuseppe Vitiello, Tian Yu Cao

TCC - MARICOPA            10.    Lucid Dreaming  - Stephen LaBerge

TCC - COCONINO            11.   Games Brains Play: Neurological Disturbances of Self and Identity - Todd Feinberg

TCC - GILA                          12.   Reappraising Julian Jaynes’s Theory of Consciousness and Bicameral Mind -

                                                            30 Years of New Evidence - Brian J. McVeigh, Marcel Kuijsten

Tuesday, April 8 

9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Pre-conference Workshops- Session 3

TCC - MARICOPA            13.  Panpsychism: A Spectrum of Views - David Skrbina, Stephen Deiss & others

TCC - MOHAVE                 14.  Real-Time Consciousness, Volition and Action -  A Tribute to Ben Libet - Part 2 


TCC - GILA                          15.  Ayahuasca and Meditation Exploratory Field Research - Frank Echenhofer

TCC - COCONINO           16.  Transformations of Consciousness - Marilyn Schlitz, Cassandra Vieten

TCC - GRAHAM             17.  Can Inner Experience Be Faithfully Described? - Russell Hurlburt, Eric Schwitzgebel

HA - REDWOOD                18.  Meditation, Orgasm, Higher Consciousness: The Common Link - Kleopatra Ormos

TCC - GREENLEE            19.  The Relationship Between Top-Down Attention and Consciousness - Naotsugu Tsuchiya,

                                                            Christof Koch

HA - COTTONWOOD      20.   How Do You Feel? The Neuroanatomical Basis for Human Awareness of Interoceptive

                                                            Feelings From the Body - Bud Craig

HA - IRONWOOD             21.  The Unity of Consciousness - Timothy Bayne

Tuesday, April 8

1:45 pm to 4:10 pm

Conference Opening

Plenary Session 1 - LEO RICH THEATRE

Attention and Consciousness

  • Christof Koch, Double Dissociations Between Attention and Consciousness
  • Stanislas Dehaene, Collisions in Consciousness: The Role of a Global Neuronal Workspace in Masking and Central Limits
  • Michael Tye,  Attention, Seeing, and Change Blindness

Tuesday, April 8

4:30 pm to 6:35 pm

Concurrent Sessions 1- 7

C2: Phenomenology of Thought                   TCC - MARICOPA

Chair: Adam Arico

C3: Emotion / Theory of Mind                      TCC - GREENLEE

C4: Vision                                                      HA - STARLIGHT BALLROOM

Chair: Michael Bruno

C5: Psychopathology and Therapy               HA - BALLROOM EAST

          Chair: Marilyn Schlitz

C6: Time                                                         TCC - GRAHAM

           Chair: Daniel Sheehan

C7: Social Approaches to Consciousness   HA - BALLROOM WEST

          Chair: Anthony Freeman

Tuesday, April 8

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Opening Reception - TCC Lobby-Veranda - Gila, Coconino, Apache/Cochise

Art&Technology Exhibit 1  - During Opening Reception

0830-0900 PM, Bill Scott / Debi DuSold   “BrainPaintings”
0900-0930 PM, Lee Sun-Don   “Totemic Energy Oil Painting – Understanding the Inner Potential”

Wednesday, April 9

8:30 am to 10:40 am

Plenary Session 2 - LEO RICH THEATRE

Panel: Libet, Intention and the Timing of Conscious Experience

William Banks  We Infer Rather Than Perceive the Moment of Decision to Act in Libet's Measurement

Francesca Carota Time Course of Brain Activity During the Inten Intentition to Speak

John Jacobson Retroactive Modulation of Subjective Intentions: Philosophy, Science and Cyborgs

Daniel Sheehan Consciousness and the Physics of Time
Sue Pockett Is There Any Evidence for Retrocausation?

Wednesday, April 9

11:10am to 12:35pm

Plenary Session 3 (Keynote) - LEO RICH THEATRE

Andy Clark
- Spreading the Joy? Why Consciousness is Still in the Head

Is consciousness all in the head, or might the minimal physical substrate for some forms of conscious experience include goings on in the (rest of the) body and the world? Such a view might be dubbed (by analogy with Clark and Chalmers work on 'the extended mind') 'the extended conscious mind'. In this talk I review a variety of arguments for the extended conscious mind, and find them all flawed. I then try to show why arguments for extended cognition do not generalize to arguments for an extended conscious mind.

Wednesday, April 9

2:00 pm to 4:10 pm

Plenary Session  4  - LEO RICH THEATRE

Sex and Consciousness

Barry Komisaruk Where is I? 

Jenny Wade In My Flesh Shall I See God: Sex as a Natural Trigger for “Varieties of Religious Experience”

 Panel: 'The varieties of sexual experience'

Stanley Krippner Transpersonal Phenomenological Parameters of Human Sexual Experience

Kleopatra Ormos Sex: Potential for Shared Consciousness

Torsten Passie Altered States of Consciousness and Subjective Experience During Sexual Intercourse

Wednesday, April 9

4:30 pm to 6:35 pm

Concurrent Sessions 8 - 14

C8: Panpsychism                                                      TCC - MOHAVE

C9: Contents of Consciousness                               TCC - MARICOPA

Chair: Brian Fiala

C10: Consciousness in the Natural and                   TCC - GREENLEE

        Cultural Context (CNCC)

C11: Neurobiological Theories and Models              HA - STARLIGHT BALLROOM

C12: Altered States                                                  HA - BALLROOM EAST

C13: Consciousness and Julian Jaynes                   HA - BALLROOM WEST

          Chair: Brian McVeigh

C14: Art and Literature                                             HA - PALO VERDE

         Chair: Jim Laukes

Wednesday, April 9

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Poster Session 1  

P1:     Philosophy


Wednesday, April 9

Art&Technology Exhibit 2 -    During Poster Session  1


Thursday, April 10

8:30 am to 10:40 am

Plenary Session 5 - LEO RICH THEATRE

Is Consciousness Local or Global?

Rafael Malach Local and Global Models of Visual Perception

Naotsugu Tsuchiya Initial Non-Conscious Spike Activity and Later Neuronal Correlates of Consciousness in Monkey Area MT

Bernard Baars What's GLOBAL About Globalist Theories of Consciousness? Getting it Straight.

Thursday, April 10

11:10am to 12:35pm

Plenary Session 6 (Keynote) LEO RICH THEATRE

WOLF SINGER   Consciousness, a Dynamical State?

Afternoon free: Side-Trips (Optional)

Conference Dinner - Thursday evening
Desert Museum

(Optional-Reservations Required)

Friday, April 11    

8:30am to 10:40 am

Plenary Session 7 - LEO RICH THEATRE

First-Person Methodologies and the Richness of Consciousness

Eric Schwitzgebel Does Experience Outrun Attention? (And a Possible Second Demise of Consciousness Studies)

Chris Heavey The Five Most Frequent Phenomena of Inner Experience

Susanna Siegel Phenomenal Contrast and the High-level Contents of Consciousness

Friday, April 11 

11:10am to 12:35pm

Plenary Session 8 - LEO RICH THEATRE

Sub-Neural and Quantum Factors in Consciousness

Gustav Bernroider Hodgkin-Huxley Revisited: Quantum Transitions and Quantum Coherence in Ion Channel Neural Signaling

Stuart Hameroff The ‘Conscious Pilot’: Dendritic Synchrony Moves Through the Brain to Mediate Consciousness

Friday, April 11 

2:00 pm to 4:10 pm

Plenary Session 9 - LEO RICH THEATRE

Brain Imaging as Mind Reading Technologies

Frank Tong Decoding Visual Perception: From Brain Reading to Mind Reading

Adrian Owen Using fMRI to Detect Consciousness in the Absence of Behavioral Signs

Daniel Langleben fMRI Studies of Deception

Friday, April 11 

4:30 pm to 6:35 pm

Concurrent Sessions 15 - 21

C15: Theories of Consciousness                      TCC - MOHAVE

C16: Concepts of Consciousness                     TCC- MARICOPA

C17: Action / Embodiment                                       TCC - GREENLEE

C18: Unconscious States                                 HA - PALO VERDE

           Chair: Valerie Gray-Hardcastle

C19: Physics                                                    HA - BALLROOM EAST

         Chair: Gustav Bernoider

C20: Evolution of Consciousness                    HA - BALLROOM WEST

C21: Technology                                             HA - STARLIGHT BALLROOM

C22: Art & Technology Exhibit                        TCC - APACHE/GREENLEE

          Curator: Rene Stettler

             Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Evening

Friday, April 11 

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Poster Session 2   


P11: Experiential

P12: Humanities

Friday, April 11 

Art&Technology Exhibit 3  - During Poster Session 2

0830-0900 PM, TingTing Chen / Jennifer Beck “Consciousness and Human Interface Technology”
0900-0930 PM, Gino Yu / Jose Rueda “Lucid 2.0”


10:00 pm to midnight (Leo Rich)

Consciousness Poetry Slam / Zombie Blues Talent Show

Saturday, April 12

8:30 to 10:40 am

Plenary Session 10

Anomalies of Consciousness

Rupert Sheldrake The Evolution of Telepathy

Panel: Dick Bierman, John Allen, Steven Barker

Saturday, April 12


Plenary Session 11


Tom Ray Psychedelics and the Chemical Architecture of the Mind

Frank Echenhofer Ayahuasca and Meditation Exploratory Field Research

Saturday, April 12

2:00 pm to 4:10 pm

Plenary Session 12

Development of Consciousness

Alison Gopnik Why Babies Are More Conscious Than We Are

Phil Zelazo Does Consciousness Develop?

Sarah Akhter Exploring Inner Experience: An Expedition into Adolescent Consciousness


8:00 pm till....???

End of Consciousness Party

Cushing Street Bar and Grill

Conference ID Required