A highly accomplished Swedish television producer and host, Annika Dopping has been at the forefront of Sweden’s human health issues, environmental concerns and has moderated many TV, film and major conferences on sustainability issues and leadership.  She is an accomplished author and producer of films, seminars, web-TV, education and travel programs. Her interviews with personalities from across all walks of life:  politics, religion, science, education, corporate, art, sports have included US President Bill Clinton, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden, The Dalai Lama, American top coach Anthony Robbins, founder of IKEA warehouse Ingvar Kamprad, founder of Body Shop Anita Roddick, native American Faithkeeper and recognized advocate of indigenous rights Oren Lyons, numerous political leaders, ministers, scientists, CEO:s, artists and  sportsmen.  Her well-known productions include: ”Superman and the Sleeping Beauty” (the dynamics between the sexes)  ”Psychopaths  Among  Us”  ””Stop the Stress”   ”A Richer Life”  and  ”Children – the Queen’s passion of the Heart”