THURSDAY - APRIL 5                                     

8:30 am - 10:40 am - PLENARY 6   

(PL6)  Physics and Consciousness I

Lucien Hardy, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics                  

Robert Alfano, City College of New York  

Christoph Simon, University of Calgary     


Robert Alfano

Distinguished Professor Fellow American Physical Society;

Fellow, Optical Society of America; Fellow, IEEE

Department of Physics

The City College of New York

Additional Departments/Affiliated Programs:

Electrical Engineering

Institute for Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Lasers




Robert Alfano is a Distinguished Professor of Science and Engineering at the City College of CUNY, where he has been a faculty member in the Department of Physics since 1972. Prior to joining the City College, Dr. Alfano was a Research Physicist at GTE Research Laboratories, 1964-1972. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from New York University in 1972, and his Bachelor's and Master's in Physics from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1963 and 1964, respectively. He is a Fellow of American Physical Society, Optical Society of America, and IEEE. He is director of CCNY's Institute of Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Lasers.

Robert Alfano has been involved in developing ultrafast laser spectroscopic techniques and applications of these techniques to study ultrafast dynamical processes in physical, chemical, and biological systems. His research encompasses the study and development of supercontinuum, tunable solid-state lasers, nonlinear optical processes, application of optical spectroscopic techniques for medical diagnosis (optical biopsy), study of photon migration in turbid media, and development of optical imaging techniques for biomedical imaging (optical mammography). He has published more than 700 papers and holds 102 patents. He has mentored 50 Ph.D. students.