Wednesday, June 7, 7:00 to 10:00 pm


P 1


Agarwal, Hans -- Transmission And Nature Of Intuitive Consciousness Signal Between Two Person Who Were In Close Relationship Previously And Now Living Apart At Distances.


Agarwal, Sapna -- Maternity to Eternity Consciousness

Agarwal, MD, Siddharth -- Tackling the Global Climate Change and Health Through Green Consciousness: A Position Paper


Alakh, Saini -- A Dawn of a New Non-conventional Regenerative Cardio-therapeutic Medicine

Azevedo, Erico -- Is There An Information Field In The Life World? An Empirical Approach with Human Beings Using Electromagnetical Shielding And Electrophotonic Analysis.


Bhasin, Shobha -- The Key to Science of Consciousness Lies in the Mathematical Abstractions of Zero and Infinity


Bhasin, Rajneesh -- Consciousness of Values and Righteous Behaviour of School Students - A Primary Research


Bhat, Seema -- Neuropharmacology of Consciousness Derived from Darshan and Meditation Focused on Chakras

Bommireddipalli, Aashiq -- Towards Global Prosperity Through Intuitive Consciousness

Buglo, Elena -- Effects of a Movement Disorder on Cognition and Arousal Pathways


Chellapilla, Patvardhan -- Consciousness Enabled Fuzzy Control Systems for Superintelligent Machines


Datta, Tapas -- The Five Energy Bodies of a Human Being : "Pancha Koshas" In Tantra


Gorjup, Rado -- Does Enhanced Focus of Attention Guide Perception Into the Goal Directed Action?

Gupta, Shanti -- Science of Spirit (Paravidya) vs Science of Consciousness (Aparavidya): Know Thyself Before Knowing Consciousness


Gupta, Saatviki -- The Possibility of Quantum Walks on a Microtubule Surface

Gupta, Chhavi -- Heaven and Hell? The Spirits Journey After Death

Gupta, Malvika -- Human Values, Narrative and AI Machines


Jois, Suresh -- A Study of Two Measures of Integrated Information In Brain Networks

Kapoor, Toran -- Sant Mat - Radhasoami Faith With Reference To Sufi Saints Maulana Rumi, Sultan Bahu and Saint Bulleh Shah


Khan, Abdul Sameer -- Leadership Consciousness Through Techno-Psycho-Axiological Approach

Khatkale, Swati -- Conscious Decision Making Using Concept of Universal Good

Khurana, Lokesh -- Metaphysics of Karma, an Investigation in Imperceptible Up-Link and Down-Link of Impulses


Kumar, Vinit -- The Delusion of God Delusion


Markan, Nagma -- Hierarchical Quantum Coherent Feedback Could Overcome Observer's Paradox

Mathur, Reena -- Consciousness of Memories of Past Life

Mathur, Gazal -- Civilization: From Crisis to Renaissance

Misra, Rupali -- Role of Consciousness and Mindfulness in Intuitive and Cognitive Decision Making of Stock Market Investors


Mittal, Priyanka -- A Study of Digital Activism and Attitude Towards Peace Among Pupil Teachers

Parmar, Renu Singh -- Hindu Temple Architecture: Mini Cosmos or Fancy of the Architect?

Paul, Sandeep -- Hybrid Neural Networks for Understanding the Process of Perception From Multi-modal Information


Poudel, Ananda -- Yogic Science's Paradigm of Consciousness

Prokash, Richa -- An Analysis of Biofield as a Parameter of Wellness and Consciousness: A Squid Based Meg Study


Pyari, Satgur -- Consciousness of Values and Righteous Behavior of School Students

Ramchandran, Sundaram -- Emergence and Evolution of Consciousness, Volition and Free Will With Special Relevance To Eastern Traditions Towards A Systems Theoretical / Systems Biological Model


Rana, Neeti -- Exploring Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness Meditation as a Potential Health Promotion Tool


Saini, Dayal -- Brain, Mind and Consciousness : A Sant Mat (Religion of Saints) Perspective

Sandhu, Dayal -- Spiritual Consciousness in College Teachers and its Impact on Organizational Commitment


Saravanan, B -- The Devotional Consciousness of the Religon Of Eastern Saints (Sant Mat) B Saravanan


Satsangee, Nandita -- Intuition: A Meta-analytic Perspective And Enabling Factors

Satsangi, Tatavarty Neh -- Consciousness and Cognition: Extrapolations From Bacterial Studies For Understanding Neural Behavior And Meditational Practices


Satsangi, Sumiran -- Living Every Moment with the Ultimate Consciousness

Saxena, Rubina -- Study to Find the Percentage of People Who Believe in Self Realization or 'atma Gyan', in Metros


Sharma, Premkali -- The Meaning and Significance of the Word 'sant' In Eastern Philosophy


Sharma, Pallavi -- Consciousness and the Arts

Sharma Mathur, Payal -- Mathematics- A Proper Subset of Spirituality

Shivhare, Neha -- Conscious Neuroplasticity for Raising Consciousness


Singh, Sonal -- The Illusion of Perceiving Reality: A Study of Luigi Pirandello's 'six Characters In Search of an Author'


Singh, Majer -- An Axiomatic Approach to Spiritual Queries for Sound Social System


Singh, Meenu -- The Roll of Music Listening To Increase Concentration, Peace of Mind and Working Efficiency; A Case Study


Sinha, Neha -- Exercises for Elevating Consciousness: The Rules for Practicing Them and the Resultant Thereof


Srivastava, Savita -- The Prophets of The Almighty: The Educators of The Mankind


Srivastava, Sumita -- The Law of Attraction from the Book 'The Secret': Some Reflections from the Perspective of Devotees of The Sant Mat


Srivastava, Ashima -- Spiritual Wellbeing Through Chakra Energy

Srivastava, Kundan -- Benefits of activation and developing healthy pineal gland at early age

Sundaram, Prem -- A Theory of the Evolution of Consciousness Based on Spiritual Wisdom and Science


Swami, Hardas -- Converting In-situ Contaminated Ground Water Molecules to Potable Water by Actuality of Wave Function Collapse by Linking Human Cognitive Abilities with Quantum Consciousness


Swaroop, Arati -- The Doctrine of Action in The Bhagvad Gita

Tiwari, Lalitesh -- Music Based Intervention Programme for Developing Consciousness Among Students


Trivedi, Chandra Prakash -- Origin and Evolution of Life Consciousness


Zadey, Siddhesh -- Are Scientific Creativity and Emotional State Enmeshed?



Friday, June 9, 7:00 to 10:00 pm

P 2


Andrea, Mills -- Searching for Innovation Metaphors


Aviv, Dorit -- Healing through Sound and Universal Frequencies

Barbosa, Paulo -- Perceived Persistent Experiential Consequences of Altered States of Consciousness (asc) Induced by Ritual Use of Ayahuasca


Barreto, Maribel -- The Study of Consciousness in Teacher's Training


Barsotti, Tiffany -- Toward Models of Biofield Physiology - A Proposed Spiritual Axis of the Bodymind


Bozorgi, Gooya -- Genie's Problem: Consciousness is Oscillate Between Imagination and Reality

Brito, Ana -- Should We Be Held Criminal Responsible for Our Automatic Actions, i.e. 'Zombie Acts'?


Chen, Shuo -- Robot Supervisor Thought Experiment, and Asynchronous Introspection Theory About Phenomenal Consciousness


Chiarella, Horacio Andres -- Reducing Phenomenal Properties of Sensory Phenomenology to Phenomenal Properties of Cognitive Phenomenology: A Dennettian Approach


Coelho, Jonas -- Conscious Mind and Brain Plasticity: The Case of Visual Cognition


Cohly, Hari -- Hypothesis: The Heart is Controlled by Cardiac Neurons that are Responsible for the Functioning of the Anatomical Structures of the Body by Performing Executive and Administrative Functions


Costa, Juliana -- The Importance of Advanced Investigations Courses on Consciousness in Schools in Brazil


Costa, Laura -- The Consciousness of Who I Am: The Search of the Way and the Balance for the True Self


Daneshfard, Babak -- From Virtuality to Repeatable Patterns: Consciousness as the Governing Software


Davis, Scott -- Symbolic Matrices in Early Chinese Texts

Deli, Eva -- Consciousness, a New Physical Framework

Dzhaber, Milana -- Dynamic Systems Theory Approach to Diachronic Studies of Lexical Concepts

Gáliková, Silvia -- Reality of Conscious Experience Reconsidered


Graca, Nebojsa -- Multi-consciousness and Health - From Scientific Challenge to the Applied Science of Multi-consciousness


Guta, Mihretu -- Mirror Neurons, Empathy, Intersubjeictivity and the Second-person Perspective with Implications for the Problem of Consciousness


Hong, Injae -- Implicit Learning of a Task-Predicting Response Cue

Kashyap, Anhad -- Correlates between freewill and levels of Spiritual Awakening

Kozyreva, Olga -- Does a Zombie Have a Narrative Self?


Lee, Yeseul -- Placebo Acupuncture Needle: A Powerful Placebo Through Consciousness


Mathur, Ajeet -- Signals of Transcendence: Mysterious Consciousness of the Unconscious in Social Dreaming


Melkikh, Aleksei -- Congenital or Acquired? The Problem of Knowledge Acquisition on The Intersection Of Sciences


Muehsam, David -- Biofield Devices: An Emerging Paradigm in Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Pankovski, Toso -- A Method for Decoding and Encoding Deep Brain Neural Dynamics - A Theoretical Proposal


Patil, Dnyandeo -- Future Forms of Consciousness and the Accelerated Artificial Intelligence Revolution


Peerally, Abed -- Towards Elucidating the Nature and Origin of Consciousness

Plotke, Robert -- Paradigm Shift in Detection Methodology of Mental Intention

Safina, Natalia -- The semantic field of the term "consciousness" in the traditional Indian philosophy

Saini, Alakh -- Ear Sounds from the Outer Hair Cells May Unlock the Sounds Emanating from Higher Spiritual Planes


Sarfarazi, Mohsen -- Multidimensional Consciousness

Schafer, Robert -- Overview of Mouse Cortical Neuronal Ultra-structure Using Transmission Electron Microscopy


Shetkar, Rashmi (Reshma) -- The Physical Theory of The Vedic Koshas, The Human Subtle Bodies

Sood, Deepshikha Nigam -- Music and Spiritual Sphere

Steinvorth, Ulrich -- On What The Evolution Of Consciousness, Thinking, And Volition, Results In

Swami, B V -- Solving Quantum Mechanics Challenges by Universal Consciousness

Usvapelto, Ilona -- Is it beneficial to be conscious in the presence of one's own death? How do we understand a concept good death?


Ventureyra, Scott -- Subjective Human Consciousness and Divine Consciousness


Vucolova, Ludmila -- Formation of a Thought: How the Brain Produces a Conscious Experience


Wang, Cheng -- Changes of Serum Lipid Profiles in Neonatal Monkeys Associated with Anesthetic-induced Neurotoxicity


Williams, Matthew -- Perception and Empathy: An Intersubjective Account with Evidence from Problems in Autism


Wong, Ming -- The Multiple High B Value Dwi And Its Advance Quantum Biological Interpretation----a Case Presentation (1)


Zegarac, Milica -- Compassion as Transpersonal and Neurocognitive Concept: Meta-analysis


Zhang, Jiahe -- Multimodal Integration of Interoception and Exteroception in the Human Brain

Zhu, Yaoping -- Schopenhauer, Husserl And The Invisibility Of The Embodied Subject