Fudan University



XU Yingjin (徐英瑾) earned his Ph.D. on western philosophy from the philosophy department of Fudan University in 2004. He is the only winner from Shanghai who won the “ National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Reward in P.R. China” (2006). The title of his doctoral dissertation is The Puzzles of Wittgenstein’s “Phenomenology” in the Process of his Philosophical Transition (Fudan University Press, 2006). It is the only Chinese-written book systematically addressing the philosophical transformation of Wittgenstein from his early stage to his later one. He had conducted postdoctoral research on the analytical approach to philosophy of religion at University of Notre Dame in U.S. for one year (2007-2008), and studied in Italy as a visiting student for another year (2002-2003). He is currently the professor of school of philosophy, Fudan University. He main philosophical interests include philosophy of cognitive science (philosophy of AI in particular), philosophy of language, metaphysics, as well as epistemology. He is also very interested in the comparative studies between contemporary Japanese philosophy and Anglophone philosophy. Nishida Kitaro, Kuki Shuzo, Omori Shuzo and Watsuji Tetsuro are among those Japanese philosophers who are being studied by him.  Now he is conducting an online course (“Understanding Japanese Philosophy”) on the platform of Futurelearn, and that course will open in the early summer of 2016. His most recent representative book is Mind, Language and Machine: The Dialogue between Artificial Intelligence and Wittgenstein (Renmin Press, 2013), which is the most comprehensively elaborated book on philosophy of AI in the Chinese-speaking world. He also published papers in English on western philosophical journals like Synthese, Philosophical Forum, and The International Journal for Philosophy of Religion. He is the now the leading expert who is responsible for a National Research project on the relationship between information science and epistemology (Grant No. 15ZDB020).