McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School



Dr. Michael Rohan has developed the Low Field Magnetic Stimulation treatment from a hypothesis following its discovery during an MRI study into a medical device that is now being evaluated by the NIH as part of its RAPID program for fast acting antidepressants. He started his career with the company that developed the first fMRI systems in the 1980s and 1990s, where he designed coil systems and addressed peripheral nerve interactions. In 1999 He came to McLean Hospital to translate this experience to research in the field of psychiatry. His primary focus at McLean is the development of a novel electromagnetic treatment for depression, Low Field Magnetic Stimulation. At McLean he is also pursues fMRI collaborations in affective disorders, substance abuse, and in developmental studies. Dr. Rohan has his Ph.D. in physics from Tufts University and degrees in physics and mathematics from M.I.T.