Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Meijuan Lu received her OMD at Shanghai Medical School and practiced Chinese Medicine in a large hospital in Changshu, Jiangsu, PRC for over 10 years before coming to the U.S.        After arriving in the U.S., she treated patients in her own TCM clinic for another 10 years.       Dr. Lu's research includes the fundamental concepts of “Yin-Yang” and “Qi” of ancient Chinese philosophy and Chinese traditional medicine and its relation to modern Western science.  A member of the Society for Mind-Matter Research, Dr. Lu has presented at numerous conferences and symposiums and is a regular contributor to the Mind & Matter Journal.  Writings include:  Lu, M & Busemeyer, J.R. (2014) Do Traditional Chinese Theories of Yi Jing (\Yin-Yang") and Chinese Medicine Go Beyond Western Concepts of Mind and Matter? Mind & Matter Vol. 12(1); Lu, M. (1996) Treatment of patients with cancer in Chinese Traditional Medicine. Presentation to the St. Elizabeth Hospital Cancer Out-Patient Treatment Group.   Dr. Lu has a private practice Chinese Traditional Health Care Office in Lafayette, IN