The Science of Consciousness Conference

APRIL 25-30,2016 TUCSON




Mon Apr 25;     Wed Apr 27;     Fri  Apr 29

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The EEGsynth

Stephen Whitmarsh

Per Huttner

Jean Louis Huhta


Neuroscientist Stephen Whitmarsh, artist Per Huttner and musician Jean-Louis Huhta with support by Neuroscience engineer Robert Oostenveld, recently developed the EEGsynth ( The EEGsynth is a tool that can be used by neuroscientists, musicians, artists and pedagogues in their respective fields of experimentation and exploration.

The project started with a simple idea that has been around since the early 1970s with the musician Alvin Lucien probably being the most well-known example. Brain, heart and muscle activity are measured and transformed into sound using modular synthesizers. The project takes advantage of the fact that brain-computer interfaces have recently become more affordable, which opens alleys for new research into the human condition and new forms of artistic expressions. To be able to use the medium痴 full potential, artists and neuroscientists need to collaborate closely and co-create projects that expand their disciplines into new unchartered territories.

The EEGsynth involves such a dedicated group of artists, musicians and experts in real-time EEG analysis, allowing them to work artistically without needing to make compromises. The hardware and software are developed open-source and shared freelu, which means that ideas have sprouted and developed from our collaborations and interactions with each other and our audiences. The EEGsynth is building an multidisciplinary community of people interested in exploring the relationship between the mind, brain, music, dance and other altered states of consciousness in a hands-on way. It has recently explored contemporary dance in performance and are continuously developing the project through experimentation and play. In 2015, a series of private and public workshops and performances were performed in Sweden, France, Germany and Greece.

For our first performances in the USA, we are very happy to work the artist Marcos Lutyens (Los Angeles, His practice centers on the use of hypnosis to engage the visitor’s embodied experience of art, while also involving various parallel approaches to explore group and individual (un)consciousness. After a short recidency at Ship In The Woods (c), the group drive through the desert to perform their latest performance at the Science of Consciousness Conference, in Tucson, Arizona. The performance will be framed by a short introduction that will talk about the artistic, technological and scientific goals of the project and will be followed by an open discussion where members of the audience can dialogue with the group.



Jean-Louis Huhta (1965) is an artist, composer, musician and DJ born in Gothenburg, Sweden to Trinidadian and Finnish parents. He studied at the Electronic music studios EMS in Stockholm and Sound art at STDH. Specialising in electronic music, percussion, improv and experimental modular synthesizer performances. He has been a part of the world of techno and acid since the early 90痴. He has composed for contemporary dance, film and theatre and performed around the world solo and with various projects. He participated in the The Gothenburg Biennal 2013 and The Ghetto Biennal Haiti 2013. Current musical projects are Dungeon Acid, The Skull Defekts, Ocsid, Brommage Dub and High Boys. His record labels include: FitSound Detroit, Huhta Home studios, Ideal Recordings and Zodiac.,

Per Huttner (1967) is a Swedish artist who lives and works in Stockholm and Paris. He was trained at Konsthskolan, Stockholm and at Hochschule der K・ste in Berlin. He has shown extensively in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia, solo exhibitions include ・>unkown・ at Zendai Contemporary in Shanghai, 迭epetitive Time・ at Geborgs konstmuseum, and 的 am a Curator・ at Chisenhale Gallery in London. Participation in group shows include Museu de Arte Moderna de S縊 Paulo (MAM); Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Hayward Gallery in London, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, MACBA in Barcelona and he has performed at Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Pinacoteca and the Venice Biennial. A dozen monographs on the artists work have been published in the last decade. H・tner is the founder and director of the Vision Forum, a project-based international experimental research network.

Stephen Whitmarsh (1979) obtained his degree in experimental psychology at the University of Amsterdam (NL). He obtained his PhD in neuroscience at the Foundations of Mathematics and Computer Science (Nijmegen University) and at the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, for his thesis Nonreactivity and Metacognition in Mindfulness. After helping set up the Swedish National facility for Magnetoencephalography (NatMEG) at the Karolinska Institute, he has recently moved to the Ecole Normale Superieur to reasearch neural signatures of brain-gut interaction. In Linking, Sweden, he has received a Master in Art and Media production. Together with Per Huttner he has been part of the Europan art collective Ouunpo ( since its conception in 2009.