The Tucson Conference 2014 - 20th Anniversary

APRIl 21-26, 2014 Tucson - University Park Marriott

under the direction of the Center for CONSCIOUSNESS STUDIES, University of Arizona


2014 Pre-Conference



Expanded States of Consciousness Through Shamanic Wisdom

Presenter:   Francoise Bourzat

Date:             Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Session:      9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Room:          tba

Francoise Bourzat


This workshop offers a method of holistic-shamanic healing developed by Francoise Bourzat over the last 25 years, bridging traditional ancient wisdom with Western Psychology.

Participants will learn about expanded states of consciousness using both Western Holistic and traditional Shamanic models of preparation and integration.

Mainstream Western Psychology mostly addresses dysfunctional mental and behavior patterns with methodologies focused on strengthening the ego and trying to address psycho-emotional trauma, often ignoring the healing value of expanded states of consciousness.

Shamanic methods seek to unlock the unlimited potential of the psyche with techniques rooted in centuries of earth-based wisdom. These techniques expand the psyche beyond normal ego consciousness, resulting in greater wholeness in life.

The workshop will begin with an introduction and preparation to the significance of expanded states of consciousness in our life, and will continue with a discussion of the three phases of the Holistic-Shamanic approach: preparation, experiencing expanded states of consciousness, and integration.

The participants will learn about the preparation phase and the themes of set, setting, intention and safety. They will then be guided into expanded states of consciousness through breathing techniques, sounds and other sensory experiences. The guide will use her personal expertise, derived from her extensive studies and experiences in the Southern Mexico - Mazatec shamanic tradition of the sacred mushrooms. She will evoke and guide the experience of expanded States of Consciousness through energetic transmission that creates unique vibrational fields.

After the guided experience, participants will learn how to use, practical tools to integrate these expanded states of consciousness into their daily lives.


Outline of Workshop

9- 10:30 am; Introduction and preparation to the topic of expanded states through Shamanic Wisdom.

10:30-10:45 am; Break

10:45-12:15pm; Experience through shamanic  techniques

12:15-12:45pm;  Integration of the experience and discussion. Questions and answers.


Target audience

Conference participants interested in direct experience in expanded states of consciousness.


Francoise Bourzat holds a MA in Somatic Psychology from New College of California (San Francisco, 1990). She is a graduate of the Hakomi Institute (1991). Since 1987, Francoise has apprenticed with shamans in the US and in Mexico, studying shamanic methods and specifically the practices of sacred plants healing. She incorporates in her psychotherapy practice her knowledge of expanded states of Consciousness achieved by various shamanic techniques. She leads workshops in the US, France and Israel.