TSC 2010

PLENARY  5     Multimodal Experience    


Casey O'Callaghan

Varieties of Multimodal Experience



Casey O’Callaghan’s research concerns philosophical issues about perception. In particular, O'Callaghan's work aims to discover  what there is to learn about perception by thinking about senses other than vision. It provides an empirically informed philosophical understanding of perception that is driven by thinking about non-visual modalities and the relationships among perceptual modalities. This research has focused upon auditory perception and upon the philosophical import multimodality and cross-modal perceptual illusions. O'Callaghan is author of Sounds: A Philosophical Theory (Oxford, 2007) and co-editor of Sounds and Perception: New Philosophical Essays (Oxford, 2009). O'Callaghan received a B.A. in Philosophy and Cognitive Science from Rutgers University   and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Princeton University. He currently is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Rice University.