TSC 2010


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Guests - $20 at the door

Information: 520-621-9317/520-444-2813


CLUB 1 - TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2010 - 9:30 PM  - Leo Rich Theatre


9:45 pm WARM UP with Robin Kelly  (The Human Antenna)

Robin Kelly is a lost-in-transit kiwi MD on his way to his native London fulfulling a life-long dream to visit Tucson, home of Jo Jo, sweet Loretta Martin, and Stuart Hameroff.

Since arriving in Auckland NZ Xmas 1977, he spent 3 more years in hospital medicine and 30 years in family medicine.  In the 80's he combined Chinese medicine with Western medicine, and since the

early nineties has practiced a style of medicine at his home honoring that we are cosmically-kissed consciousness first and everything else second.  He is happy now. Along the way he sings and swings (a golf club), watches ants, writes books and lyrics, was a police surgeon, a hospice medical director, managed a ward of handicapped children, and was president of the NZ Medical Acupuncture Society.     He adores his wife Trish + 3 children, and his 4-month old granddaughter, Pyper, who has

taught him everything he knows. 

His only specialty is the unknown - although he's not quite sure about this now.

Please be kind, he talks with a funny accent and is very jet-lagged.



   What is it like to be a Whale?

 Jeff Warren  The Wheel of Consciousness

Head Trip audiovisual show *

Jeff Warren is sort an anomaly on the consciousness scene - and that's saying something.

He's not a scientist or a mystic, or a philosopher.  Technically, he's a writer - a science

journalist.  He's written for Discover and The New Scientist and for a long time was a

radio producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

But Jeff is probably best described as a pop-phenomenologist, a keen observer

and connoisseur of first-person experience.  He is best known as the author of

a critically-acclaimed book on waking, sleeping and dreaming consciousness,

called Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness published a couple years

ago by Random House.  In that book he staked his claim as a 'radically fun empiricist'

similar to William James except, as he puts it, "with more jokes and fewer smart parts."

Jeff is currently working on a book and a film about animal consciousness and the limits

of human knowledge.  On Tuesday night at Club Consciousness, he will present his

'Wheel of consciousness' experience, a trip through your minds, from the depths of slow

wave sleep through the fun house of dreaming and onto the deep clarity of meditative



*How well do you know your own mind? The Head Trip is an audio-visual journey through

twelve distinct states of waking, sleeping and dreaming consciousness. Although informed

by science, the show’s primarily focus is first-person experience —what it feels like to be

aware at different times of day and night…


“Jeff Warren’s Head Trip show takes you on a journey through your own mind – including to places

you barely knew existed.He doesn’t just tell you about them – he makes them happen….. you arrive back

at the beginning with a new vision of inner space. Truly fantastic!” -science journalist Rita Carter, author

of Mapping the Mind and Consciousness