Toward a Science of Consciousness 2008


Stuart Hameroff and Rupert Sheldrake


John Jen Kuo Chou

Nice views from the Desert Museum

Christof Koch and Stuart Hameroff

Christof Koch, Stuart Hameroff and Gustav Bernroider

Rene Stettler and Ana iribas

Margaret Dolinsky


Ting Ting Chen and Jennifer Beck


Gino Yu


Friday night talent show!

Dinner at the Desert Museum

Abi M  and Helena Chou on Mars at the UA Phoenix Mars Mission Center

Charlotte Fredrikkson

Man Och Kvinna

Rene Stettler, Ana Iribas, Gino Yu


The Search for Consciousness at Colossal Cave

Ingrid Fredrikkson

Dancing with Ted Hazelton - 'I'm still living' said the gentleman and

threw away his cane.


Happy daughter at Signal Hill


Dave Chalmers at the End of Consciousness Party


Reflections on Nature

Nature's Reflection on Us


Stuart on Microtubules

artist: Brad Buhr